10 Legit Tips to Make Your Beauty Products Last Longer


It’s a fact that beauty products getting costlier day by day, and if you’re also among all those who use such products in your daily routine, it’s important to know how to extend their lives and use them to the full potential. Another way of cutting your expenses on the beauty product is to buy substandard ones. But that’s not acceptable, or is it?

Our skin is precious and so is our money. So check out these 10 life-saver tips to extend the life of your beauty products.

1. Store Your SPF in A Cooler
Leaving your sunscreen in the heat outside or on your make-up desk is not something cool to be done. It shouldn’t be kept in the heat, especially under the direct sunlight. Putting it under direct sunlight makes the SPF activated and eventually die out even before you applied that. People don’t realize this fact until they find their face red due to the sun, despite blabbing too much of sunscreen on their face. The best place to keep the sunscreen is in the refrigerator. But this doesn’t that you freeze your sunscreen!

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2. Cut off The Tops of Tubes (Or Use a Toothpaste Squeezer)
When you’ve almost finished your moisturizer or the lotion and are not able to get that last blob of your cream as it doesn’t come out. Grab the scissors and cut it off. Do not toss it away immediately. There are some drops of lotion left in the tube. Now what will the trash can do with the lotion? So use each and every drop of lotion that is left there. You can use a toothpaste squeezer to get the products out.

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3. Avoid Makeup Sponges
Make-up sponges look quite pretty and luring when you see them in those beauty blogs. But believe me, my friend, they waste your make-up product more than you can imagine. Of course, they are a sponge, they will absorb the product! That’s what they are for. To avoid this wastage, use a clean foundation brush instead. You will notice that a bottle of your expensive foundation goes a long way.

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4. Put Your Products in New Containers
If you notice that your creams or your gel eyeliner dry out before they’re finished, transfer them to an airtight jar. You can find some small sample-sized jars in the market. You can transfer the eyeliner or the cream in that jar. If the jar of your cream is too large you can transfer some of the contents of the other small sized jar. This way the original jar will not be opened as often as the smaller one. And most of your product will be saved from drying out.

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5. Keep Your Hands Off!
Your hands are the permanent abode of bacteria. No, I’m not taking you down, but this is the fact. Use a spatula to draw out the product from the jar. Keep your hands away from the product. Apply the foundation using a foundation brush. And make sure to clean the brushes often. If you’ll never touch the products with your hands, they will not go stale before they’re finished up. The organic products should be kept with even more care as they are void of any preservatives.

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6. Don’t Supersize It
Always use the right amount of each and every product, when it comes to skincare. You can save a lot on your money. So this way you’ll be able to run a single jar of your moisturizer for long before the ingredients go bad.

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7. Apply Moisturizer Post-Shower
Apply the moisturizer as soon as you get out of the shower. This way the moisturizer gets easily absorbed in the skin and the product required will be much lesser. The skin already has some moisture at that time which will make you use less moisturizer.

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8. Add Acetone Nail Polish Remover to Older Polishes
Older nail polishes which have become dried and thick can be corrected by adding acetone nail paint remover. This makes them usable again. It will make sure that you use each and every drop of your nail paint before jumping onto the new one.

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9. Stick Your Cosmetics in the Fridge
You can extend the life your moisturizer, creams, serums and makeup product by keeping them in the refrigerator. Perfumes are the must to be kept in the fridge. Heat is the major reason why the product goes stale.

The Certain refrigerator also comes with a separate section for cosmetic. You can also keep them stacked in the butter compartment or the place which is less used by you.

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10. Don’t Pump Mascara
Some people have this habit of pumping the mascara wand in and out of the tube. Don’t do this! This flushes air inside the tube which dries out the liquid while the bacteria in the air grown inside the tube making it clumpy. So just pull out the wand and use it the way you want.

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