19 Home Remedies on How to Get Rid of Dark Spots & Blemishes


How to Get Rid of Dark Spots? Is Question always poping in your brain? Actually people get scared of wrinkles as the most telling sign of skin aging! But its interesting to know that its not wrinkles that bother so early and horribly the Indian skin as other problems do.. and that problem is of how to get rid of dark spots and blemishes. These scar the skin and leave dark pigments.  Its an common problem now days

Technically, dark spots on skin are also known as hyper-pigmentation. Darkened skin and those uneven parches are quite a nightmare for any beauty conscious person. In fact you must know someone who is conscious of socializing only because their face is not as flawless and hence might become the topic of conversation which of course is not a good idea unless it reflects impeccably flawless beauty… right??

And on top of this, extra makeup to conceal these dark spots seem like an only quick solution but in the longer run, it would make the matter worse… yeah babes!! You should better figure out some permanent and effective solution get rid of these darker slurs on your personality… wondering what to do… read on and you will know the right solution to fix the problem of dark spots and pigmentation!

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Reasons Behinds The Dark Spot On Face

The major cause of dark spots and black spots on face is increased amount the melanin in the skin. Once the amount of melanin get increased in skin rather than being dispersed evenly on the skin, the excess melanin pigments get clump in bunches and form noticeable black spot.The increase of melanin in skin happens due to over exposure of the sun. Hormonal imbalance in the body, deficiency of vitamins are also the reason that can cause dark spots on your skin. Use of chemicals and medicines can also cause dark spots on your skin. Dark spot and blemishes are most often caused by the regular and excess use of cosmetic products like foundations, moisturizers and night creams, etc. Some these products contains greasy and irritating ingredients which clog your pores. The congested pores of skin are also a major reason behind development of dark spots and blemishes. You should go for lighter and non-comedogenic cosmetics products.Factors like improper diet, alcohol consumption, internal health problems, allergic reactions stress, overexposure to environmental irritants, absence of a proper skincare routine, and a genetic heredity also lead to black spot and blemishes.

19 Home Remedies on How to Get Rid of Dark Spots

Like there are many reason behind the occurrence of dark spots fortunately there are several ways to remove the dark patches from skin. You can use some simple home based ingredients to remove dark spots from your facial skin.


  • Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is natural bleaching agent with its acidic contents. This is an incredible home remedy being used as organic bleaching agent to alleviate the dark spots on face. All that you have to do is take two to three lemons and squeeze the juice out of one lemon. Take a clean cotton ball and dip it in the juice and now cleanse the darker patches of your skin. Applying it directly to dark spots twice a day would be helpful in removal of darker spots from your face. You can also cut lemons in equal parts and apply the open end of lemon on dark spot of your skin. This is a quick ,easy and cheap method to treat the dark spot on your face.


  • Onion Juice
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Like lemon, onion juice also contain acidic contents that works like natural bleaching agent for your face. Take three or four red onion and cut them into pieces and extract the juice from it using your juicer. You can blend it if you don’t have the juicer. Once your onion juice ready you can dip cotton squab in your onion juice. Apply it directly darker area of your face which you wish to lighten. Keep it on your skin for 20-30 minutes then rinse off your face using cold water. Now clear up your face using a mild cleanser that is best for your face. It is an important to eliminate any lingering onion aroma from your face.After all, our intention is to remove the dark spots here, not make people repel people with scent of onion.


  • Turmeric and Lemon Juice

Take a table spoon of turmeric powder and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Make a fine mixture of ingredients. Apply the mixture of lemon juice and turmeric on your face . Leave this mixture on your face for 1 hour until it get dry and wash it with cold water. Doing this regularly would help you to restore the glow of your skin and it eradicate the dark spot from your skin.


  • Fenugreek (Methi) Leaves

Fenugreek leaves are very helpful in removal of dark spots from your face. Make a fine paste of fenugreek leaves with combining with water. Apply this paste on your face and leave this on your facial skin for 30 to 40 minutes. Once this mixture get dry wash it with cold water. Use a mild cleanser to cleanse your face after this. This paste also help you to get rid of acne scars. Fenugreek leaves are also taken in tea form. They are more effective when a little amount of cinnamon in it. Fenugreek leaves with cinnamon reduce inflammation. The incredible herb is very helpful in getting rid the scars of skin, fenugreek also balance the blood flow and and reduce breakout from your skin.


  • Curd

Curd contains some amazing that help in removal of impurities from the skin and it also lighten up the complexion. Curd is the best treatment for getting rid of black spots and acne scars from your skin. For better results you can add egg whites in curd to make the skin supple and soft. All you need to do is apply curd to the affected areas of your face and leave it on for about 25 minutes. Acidophilus is a fine macrobiotics element in curd that very efficient to tone the skin. Doing this home based treatment for one month would be helpful in removal of dark spots from your skin.


  • Cucumber And Lemon Juice

Crash a cucumber and extract the juice from it. Mix the juice of cucumber with of lemon juice and milk. Make a fine mixture of these ingredients. Then apply the mixture on your face and leave it for 25 min, and then wash you face with clean and normal water. Doing this daily will give you blemish free skin.


  • Mixture Of Banana And Cucumber

Mash up the cucumber and banana in a small bowl then blend the both in a mixer or grinder. Add equal amount of honey and lemon juice into mixture. Put 2 to drops of olive oil in the mixture and blend it well. After a fine mixture apply it on your face and leave for 30 to 45 minutes. Put the mixture on your face for till it get dry and wash it off with clear water. Doing this for 20 to 25 days regularly can work wonders for your skin.


  • Sandalwood And Rosewater

Sandalwood and rosewater is very effective ingredient for removal of dark spots from your face.Took powdered sandalwood and rosewater in equal amount and make a fine mixture of these ingredients. Apply the mixture to the darker spots of your face. Doing this for 20 to 25 days regularly can be very helpful in removal of darker spots from your face.


  • Powdered Orange Peels And Curd

The mixture of powdered orange peels and curd can be a good option for removal of dark spots from your face. Take equal amount of both ingredients and make a fine paste out of it. Once the mixture is ready apply it on your face and wash it off with clean water. Doing this for 20 to 25 days would be helpful in removal of dark patches from your skin.


  • Mixture of Onion And Garlic Juice

Onion and garlic juice are very popular home remedy that fade up the dark spots from your face. All you have to do is make a find combination of 1 tablespoon of onion juice and 1 tablespoon of garlic juice. For better result you can also add vinegar to the mixture, if your skin is oily. Apply this mixture to your face, leave for 10-15 minutes and wash it off with cold water. Use a mild cleanser to wash you face properly.


  • Steaming Your Face

Steaming of face help in unlocking the skin pores and removing the extra oils from the pores of skin. Best way to do it is by putting hot water in a bowl and make steam pass to your skin. This treatment is very helpful in clearing impurities and balancing the clout of melanin in the skin. Doing steaming daily would give you glowing and radiant skin without any blemishes.


  • Vitamin E Oil.

Vitamin oil is an great antioxidant it is very helpful in repairing the damaged cells and strengthen new ones. Massaging your face with Vitamin E or applying it directly to dark spots on face would be a great treatment for dark spots on your face. Daily application of vitamin E will fade down dark spot and blemishes on your face. Another alternative is adding food items rich in vitamin E like dried apricots,sunflower seeds, nuts (almonds, peanuts, pine nuts), and wheat germ oil in your daily diet.


  • Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plant is a amazing herb with many health benefits. This is one solution to several skin and beauty related problem. It’ is a great natural moisturizer with efficiency to cure sunburns. Aloe vera is a nice solution to fade dark spots on your face. Take an aloe vera leave and crush it into small piece, extract the juice and apply it directly to your dark spots. Once it get dry wash it off from your face.


Doing this regularly for 15 to 20 days would be helpful in removal of dark spots from your facial skin.

  • Buttermilk

Buttermilk contain lactic acid that is very good for your skin. Dark spots on your skin can be removed by applying buttermilk on your face. You can use a cotton swab to apply the butter milk on your face and leave it there of 30 to 45 minutes and wash it clean water. If your skin is oily and have acne then you should add a little lemon juice to the buttermilk and apply it to dark spot of your face. You can also mix 3 table spoons of buttermilk with 2 tablespoon of tomato juice and apply it to darker spot of your face. Doing this regularly for 20 to 25 day can make your skin dark spot and blemish free.


General Tips to Avoid Darker Spot on Your Skin

    • Use sun screens : Use mild sunscreen every time while you get out in sun. You can also use scarf or hat to protect you from sun while venturing out in the sun.


  • Clear oil and dirt from your skin: Daily skin cleansing is one of the basic and most important step of your daily skin care regimen. Use a good face wash and cleanser to clean your skin daily.


  • Exfoliate your skin : Exfoliation of skin clear up the pores of your skin. Use a good scrubber to exfoliate your skin. Do this twice daily if you want to have glowing and radiant skin without blemishes.


  • Vitamin C : Increase the amount of food items containing vitamin C in your diet. Vitamin C is a very essential for blemish-less and clear skin. Lack of vitamin C is the major reason behind development of dark spot on your face. It produces collagen which is very efficient the damaged cell of your skin thus make your skin glowing and beautiful.


Diet for Spotless and Glowing Skin

Balanced diet with high nutrient value like Vitamins, minerals and proteins is the basic necessity for glowing and beautiful skin. Fruits and vegetables containing anti-oxidants are very helpful in improving the condition of skin. Make sure fruits like- papaya, banana, oranges, apple, berries and vegetables like cucumber, tomato, lemon are great source of skin cleansing agents.

These food items contains antioxidants that make your skin youthful by slowing down the ageing process and keep skin clear from black spots and wrinkles and moisture contains of fruits and vegetable make your skin soft and smooth.


Cosmetic and Modern Treatment for Dark Spots

There are several products available in market to reduce the dark spot on your face. Some of these products are night gold cream, Elle Dark Spot Corrector, Oxyglow Wrinkle Lift, and Olay Total Effect are few popular products to remove the dark spot from your face.

  • Acid Treatments

The most common acids found in acne and dark spot treatment products are alpha-hydroxy acids and beta-hydroxy acid.Alpha-hydroxy acids involves glycolic acid, citric acid, lactic acid and mandelic acid. These acids exfoliate the skin very effectively and are also gentle enough for sensitive skin. While alpha-hydroxy acids are often found in serums, moisturizers , creams and peels.


  • Chemical Peel

This beauty treatment is use when normal cosmetics and creams don’t fade your dark spots Chemical peels removes the top layers of your skin. Peels contains acids in high concentrations.


  • Laser Treatment

This treatment is very popular now a days. In this methods laser pulses destroy the melanin contents from your face that cause dark spots. The area with pigment absorbs the light and melanin get vaporize and shatter by the lasers.


Whatever the reason behind spots on your face, whether it is sun spots, age spots, spots from chicken pox, acne spots, nobody literally like it on their skin. As black spots appears on the face for countless reasons, fortunately there are many ways, you can get rid of these awkward spot once and for all. With so many modern ways available we can easily get rid of black spots on your face. Despite of advancement in methods of skincare, natural remedies and methods remain always relevant. Following proper and effective beauty regimen will be very helpful in protecting your skin from dark spot and blemishes.

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