Is Vitamin E Effective For Acne?


Vitamin E is a widespread ingredient present in skincare products. This antioxidant is applied topically as vitamin E oil or might be ingested as a supplement. Advocates of vitamin E promise acne healing properties.

Vitamin E protects the skin from photo aging and cellular damage and further improves its health. The following article explores the effectiveness of vitamin E for acne, ways of using it, and the risks associated with it.

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Is Vitamin E actually effective for treating the Acne?


Yes. Vitamin E oil is effective for treating the acne. However, there is less clinical proof regarding the topical effectiveness of vitamin E oil on the acne scars.

As per the study topical application of vitamin E oil before the benzoyl peroxide which is a medication being used for treating the acne could further improve the efficacy of medicine and reduce the acne.

Ways of Using the Vitamin E for treating the Acne

Using the Vitamin E oil


Vitamin E is available in the form of lotion, cream, and serum. Many people press out the oil from vitamin E capsules for the topical application. The Vitamin E oil has thick consistency, making it further a better choice for people with flaky and dry skin.

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Now apply this oil to the face while sleeping, since the skin heals during the night. You can further buy the products which have vitamin E also called as alpha-tocopherol as its ingredients.

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Vitamin E Supplements


Vitamin E supplements are available in the form of capsules. Always consult a dermatologist before consuming the vitamin E supplements. This is simply because a person may not need additional supplements if he/she is getting enough vitamin E from the diet. Thereby making the Vitamin E effective for treating the acne.

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