Detox Drinks: Traditional Summer Coolers to Cleanse Your Body


During the hot summer season, it is very important to drink enough liquids in order to stay hydrated. Enough drinking of water helps in functioning of the body. During the past few years, detox drinks have gained a lot of attention. From cinnamon to cucumber-mint, plenty of blends are prepared to get rid of toxins. Detox drinks are generally prepared by adding ingredients like ginger, cucumber, and other ingredients to water.

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Are the desi-detox drinks worthy of trying?


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It totally depends upon the drink a person is consuming. If a person is talking about packed detox drinks, then it should not be consumed since it might not offer the maximum benefits.

The nutritionist further says that the old herbal drinks like kadha should always be preferred. These remedies are not promoted as the detox drinks. But they always help in detoxification and also manage certain conditions.

What a person should drink during the summer season?


Drinks like khus sharbat, gulkand mixed with milk, chandan sherbets, and sugarcane juice should be a person’s choice this summer since these help in detoxification and help in fighting the unpleasant changes which the summer season brings.

Following are the drinks to be followed in summer season:

Aam Panna


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It is an absolute lip-smacking drink which is quite popular in Maharashtra and is prepared with favourite king of fruits- mango. This refreshing drink of summer is prepared with the mango pulp and further blended with jeera, cumin, and mint leaves. This drink not only keeps a person  refreshed but also energized all through the sunny days.

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Jaljeera is prepared using water and jeera. The cumin seeds are roasted and finished into crude powder and mixed with water. This solution is literally best for people who are dealing with digestion problems during summers. Swallow a chilled glass of jaljeera to keep away from digestion problems.

Sattu Sharbat


Sattu sharbat is the specialty from Bihar which keeps the body cool even in the sunniest day. It is prepared with sugar, sattu flour, and water. It’s not only refreshing but it is also filling the person during the hot summer to help the person cope up with the hot summer season.

Buttermilk (Chaas)


Buttermilk which is also popularly called as chaas is an amazing drink based out of curd, it is undoubtedly very favourite amongst the Indian people. Chaas is a brilliant digestive drink, and further addition of spices like jeera further enhances its benefits. Go ahead and this masala chaas recipe in order to make this hot sunny day of summer a refreshing day.

Always stay hydrated to cope up with summers


Always drink plenty of water all through the day. Our body loses much water during the summer season in the form of sweat. To avoid the dehydration problem, apart from water add further several drinks to the summer diet like lemon water, sherbets, green juice, and the watermelon cooler.

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