5 Surprising Side Effects of Neem You Should Know


Neem is called an evergreen tree which is native to the Indian subcontinent. It is being used in the ancient Ayurvedic medicine. However, excessive neem causes the side effects.

What are the adverse effects of using the Neem Leaves?

Causes the Allergic Reactions


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As per the study allergic contact stomatitis which is also known as the inflammation of the mouth is caused after the neem leaves intake once in every week for the three consecutive weeks. Neem is commonly used for treating the rashes and allergies.

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Leads to the Reduced Fertility


In the studies performed over rats neem administration flower extracts blocked the ovulation. Neem could also be used as an antifertility agent when being required, it may further reduce fertility. Neem caused the 90% deaths in six weeks duration of time in rabbits

Causes the Miscarriage


In the animal studies, neem extracts were found to stimulate the pregnancy. The extracts could terminate a pregnancy with no side effects in both monkeys and rodents.

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Some theories also state neem overexposure causes the immune system to further become hyperactive.

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Causes the Kidney Damage


As per the study it is reported of the acute renal failure in a particular individual after consuming the Chinese herbal medication. This medication contains the neem as the primary ingredients.

The trend of the toxic renal injuries in regards to the herbal medicines is likely to continue further. Hence a caution is required.

Lowers the blood Sugar


As per the study, neem and longevity spinach which is a kind of spinach being found in China combination was set up to have an hypotensive properties.

Hypotensive effects of neem seem to be desirable, if a person is on medications for lowering the blood sugar, please check further with a doctor before ingesting neem.

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