Is Activated Charcoal Good For Skin?


The activated charcoal is great benefits for the skin. All of us might be aware that activated charcoal is widely used for good reason. Not just for your skin health, activated charcoal has been in use for a long time as back as the period of Egyptians when the uses of charcoal included deodorizing and preservation of the dead, or anti-fungal as well as anti-bacterial uses such as preventing rot in wooden construction in wet and moist areas.

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1. Antifungal and antibacterial


Activated charcoal is a major ingredient in removing yucky stuff to remove. Highly effective against the Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli, these ingredients inhibit bacteria and fungus in skin and clogged pores from growing, so helping to speed the healing process from acne and skin condition such as eczema and psoriasis.

2. Deep pore cleansing

Deep-pore cleansing

This excellent ingredient provides complete pore cleaning due to its major adsorbing ability. It is true. Adsorbing generally means adhesion in thin layers of molecules of the solutes, gas, and liquids to surfaces of solid surface and liquids they come in contact with. These work as glue to small substance and also bring them to the surface. This is the main reason why activated charcoal is used by people with all clogged and oily skin.

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3. Oil-balancing


Because of its adsorbing ability, leaving skin clog-free, the pores usually focus less on secreting oils for removing all impurities from these pores. With daily use of activated charcoals, with some time the pores become even smaller in size so extra oil production is no longer required.

4. Gentle exfoliation


The activated charcoal in the powder form is little gritty, so it makes an excellent nice exfoliant! Also, exfoliation plays a vital role in healthy skin routine since it helps get rid of all dead layers of skin so that the healthier skin below shines to its brightest.

5. Provides refined appearance


With the above benefits of the activated charcoal such as antibacterial, pore-cleansing, impurity-fighting, antifungal, exfoliating, the skin gets a new ingredient to work. Detoxifying the skin due to unwanted debris & reducing the congestion would mean improvement in the brightness and radiance with the pores looking so tiny.