Proven Home Remedies to Tackle Skin and Hair Problems with Coffee


Coffee is beneficial for hair and skin. Drinking coffee not only improves the mood, but also overcomes hair and skin problems. Coffee helps in overcoming many issues related to skin and hair forever. Quinic acid, Chlorogenic acid and condensed proanthocyanidins are present in coffee, which is very beneficial for skin. It can easily overcome the anti-ageing signs problem on the face.

Coffee is a source of antioxidants and nutrients which benefits the scalp, skin, and hair. A person can use coffee to treat acne, balance pH levels and help in increased blood flow.

Following are the benefits of using coffee on the skin, hair and scalp.

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1. Helps in reduction of Cellulite


Coffee helps in reducing the cellulite appearance on the skin.

A study reported that a low-fat product containing caffeine and other active ingredients was far effective in reducing the stubborn cellulite in women in comparison to a medicinal product.

However it is impossible to say from this study whether the caffeine, other substance, or a combination of both produced the results.

A person could try usage of wet and fresh coffee grounds to scrub and remove dead cell areas of cellulite. The exfoliation process helps in stimulating the blood flow and smoothens the skin.

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2. Beneficial for scalp and hair


The hair and scalp are naturally acidic. Scientists generally measure the acidity of substance causing acidic using the pH scale. The lesser the pH, the more acidic a substance is. A pH value under 7.0 is acidic, while above 7.0 is alkaline or basic. Generally the head scalp has a 5.5 pH value while the hair fibers have a 3.67 pH value.

Usage of hair products with a higher pH value than present in hair results in frizziness and damage of hair. Coffee is naturally acidic with a pH value of 5.11 and applying coffee to the hair is a best way to rebalance the pH levels of scalp and hair. Try to rinse the hair with brewed coffee. Cold coffee or rubbing coffee into the scalp. This helps to scrub the dead skin cells from the scalp of the head.

3. Helps in hair coloring


People with brown hair are always looking to add a depth to their natural color and always go for a coffee treatment.

To make the hair dark with coffee:

Brew large cups of coffee which is strong and allow it further to cool to room temperature.

And then add the coffee to a large basin. Use hair elastic, clean cup and a shower cap handy.

Lean the head over the basin.

And using the cup, scoop the coffee and pour it to the head so that hairs are thoroughly soaked in coffee.

Squeeze the hair gently, followed by arranging it in a bun form using the shower cap.

Leave coffee undisturbed to soak from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

Now rinse hair in the shower.

For hair to get a darker color, repeat the process further.

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