Exercises To Do And To Avoid During Periods


While on your periods, it is very critical to get your body engaged in some kind of movement. You might feel very weak and even tired to try and get up from bed, but experts advise that exercising on periods might have several important health benefits.

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Does It Really Help? Exercising in periods is really beneficial, because it affects the hormone level and also helps effectively manage the period symptoms. When your body moves, it also produces endorphin that acts like as a natural painkiller.

Benefits of exercise during periods

  • Helps boost the mood by controlling your endorphins and prevents constant mood swings
  • Prevents fatigue and headache
  • Reduces menstrual cramps by simply improving blood circulation
  • Manages dysmenorrhea or extremely painful periods
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Doing cardiovascular exercises like brisk-walking, running, jogging, stair-climbing during periods (after can be healthy is what experts opine. Also, cardio exercises could also produce endorphin hormones to help ease period symptoms.

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What Exercise Is Best During Your Periods?

Brisk walk


The most recommended exercise to get relief is low-intensity cardio which moves the muscles and also increases your heart rate. In addition, the best example of this is taking a short walk in your neighbourhood for around 30 minutes.



If you feel that you can handle a jog, opt for it. Make sure that you avoid pushing yourself and also stay aware of your limit. Drink a lot of water before workout. It is an excellent way to get the blood pumping and can boost your metabolism very quickly. Your energy level would also increase, so it is an effective hack to cure period blues.


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Swimming is a proven way to relax during periods. Instead of doing strenuous lap, focus on taking slow and smooth strokes. This would surely increase the blood flow and also boost your energy level. One of the effective ways to relax while getting an effective workout is to go for the backstroke.

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