Know Why Bhringraj or False Daisy Is a Wonder Herb


Bhringraj is a famous herb commonly known for hair care benefits. Bhringraj also called false daisy is an Ayurvedic herb which provides a range of health benefits starting from skin problems to control of blood pressure. Bhringraj herb is widely available in the form of powder and oil and uses bhringraj to stay away from your problems. Bhringraj should always be used in the right quantity to reap out its benefits. Following are the benefits of Bhringraj.

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Nutritional Facts of Bhringraj


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Bhringraj is related to the sunflower family that’s the reason it got its name as false daisy. Bhringraj extract is very high in alkaloids and proteins. It also has vitamin E, vitamin D, iron, polypeptides, and magnesium. All these nutrients make it antiviral, antioxidant, and analgesic in nature.

Health Benefits of Bhringraj


False daisy offers many benefits. They are already explained below, scroll down further to read.

Hair benefits


Bhringraj oil prevents hair fall and helps in treating other hair care issues. Applying this oil on your hair strengthens its roots, prevents premature graying, stimulates hair growth and prevents baldness.

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Good for skin

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Not just related to hair care but bhringraj is good for skincare too. As it is mentioned above, it has various antibacterial properties which prevent minor skin issues. For example, applying the bhringraj extract on a wound promotes its healing; bhringraj oil controls allergic reaction present on the skin and it heals cracked feet.

Bhringraj reduces Migraine Pain


This herb has pain-relieving properties that can prevent migraine and all types of headaches.

To use bhringraj in a bowl, add one tablespoon of bhringraj juice and goat milk and apply 2-3 drops of this mixture in your nose and sleep.

In one tablespoon of bhringraj juice add a black pepper powder and mix it further for best results.

Now apply this homemade balm for curing migraine on your forehead.

Reduces high blood pressure


Patients with hypertension or high blood pressure can try this Ayurvedic remedy in order to control their blood pressure. But before telling the remedy, let’s clear that this is a natural solution which might not work for all. Also, the results may take time to get reflected.

Mix two teaspoons of bhringraj juice along with one teaspoon of honey.

Mix it well and consume this mixture twice in a day.

Treats Jaundice


Bhringraj leaves juice is used to control the jaundice condition within a few days.

Take fresh plant leaves of bhringraj and wash them to remove dirt.

Now grind leaves with black peppercorns.

Provide this mixture to a jaundice patient on an empty stomach.

If a person is unable to eat it in a raw condition, mix it with curd or buttermilk and then give to the patient.

Apart from these benefits, bhringraj helps in controlling cholera, diabetes, and eye problems. There are so many ways to consume bhringraj but it is always better to consult an Ayurvedic specialist before you try anything new.

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