Know Different Types of Waxing For Hair Removal


Body waxing might look like a modern practice, but this has a very long history which goes back to 3,000 B.C. Also, Cleopatra was trendsetter who wanted all the body hair removed on top of the head. The Ancient Egyptians made tweezers from seashell which also used bee wax for the hair removal.

7 Types of waxing for hair removal

1. Heated soft wax


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This type of soft wax is available in a pot which can be heated in microwave. One of the important reasons this kind of the wax is so common for the people who want to remove unwanted hair is that heat combined with the soft texture of wax makes it easy to spread across the body.

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2. Cold soft wax


Unlike heated wax, the cold soft wax is also taken from container and placed on the skin where you want to wax. This is a very convenient choice if you want to wax the body or are quite new to waxing and are not so comfortable with heating up wax on the body because you might be afraid of burning the body.

3. Pre-made strips


It is suitable for those who is new to waxing and do not know how to start. It may be worried about using much wax, or is bothered about how to use the strips to remove wax. The pre-made strip takes hard work of waxing hair and also makes it easy.

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4. Hard wax


This kind of hair removal wax does not need to remove a strip, and wax is warmed a little, it isn’t going to be warm like heated soft wax. You have to slightly warm up wax a little, as it can’t be used at room temperature and when cool.

5. Chocolate


This is a common waxing method which is performed at many salons and has many health benefits of chocolate with powerful hair removal. As an excellent ingredient, chocolate is a good option if you want to improve health of your skin and decrease pain if you want doing waxing.

6. Fruit


Fruit wax is somewhat similar to hard wax and is a good choice for those who have a sensitive skin. As it has fruit extract, such as plum & berry, this type of wax is loaded with antioxidants and has a number of different vitamins that help nourish as well as improve the health of your skin.

7. Sugar


Sugar wax is one of the old types of body waxes, which includes water, lemon, sugar, and along with other ingredients to increase the efficiency of wax. Because this type of wax is made of natural ingredients, it’s a good option for those who have a sensitive skin which tends to react with waxes which are loaded with chemicals.

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