Mistakes to Avoid While Oiling Your Hair


Oiling is an essential haircare process since it helps in treating dullness and nourishing the scalp and dryness. It is always said that you must oil hair regularly to promote hair growth and prevent dandruff issues. But not many people know that oiling should be performed in a proper manner to enjoy its benefits. Following are the mistakes that should be avoided while oiling your hair:

Mistake #1- Oiling hair without combing them


You should detangle your hair before applying oil as it prevents hair fall after oiling. Always comb hair with a wide-toothed comb before oiling hair.

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Mistake #2- Vigorous massage of hair during oiling


If you think that vigorous hair massaging would help in absorption, it is a wrong concept. It weakens the roots of your hair prompting a trigger in hair fall. You can always massage the oil with light hands for 10 minutes.

Mistake #3- Using cold oil for oiling of hair


You should not use cold oil since it is not beneficial. Always make the oil warm before oiling as it gets absorbed into the hair roots properly.

Mistake #4- Tying hairs tightly


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Most people tie hairs in the right ponytail or in the form of a bun after oiling. This is a major cause of hair damage. You should never do that as hair becomes relatively weak after oiling and tying them tightly, it can lead to hair loss and breakage.

Mistake #5 Combing hairs immediately after


As a regular practice, it is very natural to search for your comb right after oiling your hair to remove tangles in hair. But this is a common mistake and it should be avoided. After a good oil massage, your hair scalp becomes fragile, combing hairs immediately after can cause hair loss. If you want to comb your hair, we suggest you start from the hair tips and then slowly move towards the top of hair.

Mistake #6 Keeping hairs on overnight


Another common mistake found which most Indian women make, is keeping the oil on the hair scalp throughout the night. This will not only make hair sticky but will also collect the dirt from bed and pillow. This dirt easily gets mixed with hair scalp natural oils and can cause hair scalp problems. Therefore never leave oil in your hair for a long period.

Mistake #7 Oiling the hair when wet


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Some people have the habit of applying oil to the wet hair, never making this mistake. When hair is wet, hair follicles become soft and even the gentlest pulling of hair can lead to hair loss. So, always keep hair dry first and before applying oil.

Mistake #8 Applying too much oil


Even if a person has dry scalp and hair applying excessive oil never helps. Never apply more oil than your hair requires. You will need a lot of shampoo then to get rid of the excessive oil and this further can remove protective oils from hair.

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