6 Plant-Based Foods to Consume This Spring Season


As per the Market Research, nearly 50% of consumers have reported taking many supplements to further support their immune health in 2020. The growing interest in immune health is a focus of the wellness and health industry in 2021.

Following are the plant-based foods to consume in 2021 spring season

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Plant-Based Nutrition for Health of Gut

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A plant food which contains fibre is the best fuel for your gut. Therefore, a plant-based diet which includes a variety of legumes is useful for your stomach well-being and for overall wellness and health as it increases the variety of abdomen microbiota. Gut health is significant since it promotes the absorption of nutrients and better digestion. Offering numerous benefits such as immune building, health aficionados worldwide are in for a spin with the super green foods available in 2021. A wide range of gut-friendly probiotic-enriched foods options such as Almond yoghurt satiate the vegan palate. Also, plant-forward eating focus on the foods primarily from plants which includes vegetables and fruits.

Plant-Based Protein


Top protein source for a plant-based diet are tofu, sprouted whole grain bread, nutritional yeast and oats. Multiple plant-based proteins provide complete amino for holistic health. A top vegan protein sources includes quinoa and green peas. Plant-derived protein supplements are a wide adoption across the whole globe. According to the Fortune Business Insights, the plant-based protein supplement markets are projected to reach 7.08 billion dollars with a CAGR of 5.1 percent by 2027.

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Plant-Based Meats


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They are made by using plant to look, taste, and feel like meat products. Example is falafel. These products are prepared to copy features found in natural meats and are estimated as meat replacements. The global plant-based meat business is expected to grow by 28% and projected to cross an impressive $85 Billion by 2030. A plant-based meat companies will appeal to the meat-eating communities with an array of meatless proteins that are suitable on the gut. The best companies in the Plant-Based Meat industry are Maple Leaf Foods, Conagra and Kellogg’s.

Plant-Based Condiments


With the rise of scientific innovation, several food companies are dabbling to address the rising plant-based eating culture. That holds true even for various dips that are hitherto composed of animal products. Things like vegan mayo made of avocado oil and creamers produced out of coconut milk will gain widespread popularity. Sweet relish, vinegar and ponzu are some of them. Do not be surprised to find things like 100% savoury plant-based sauces stocked up on a shelf at the nearest supermarket in the coming year.

ChickPea Invasion


The chickpea is a legume of the family Fabaceae and subfamily Faboideae. Its different types are garbanzo bean or garbanzo. Chickpea seeds are rich in protein. The chickpea is expected to be incorporated into various popular foods in funky avatar. Being nut-free also makes it an excellent choice for those with food allergies. A great source of essential fibre and protein will see chickpea emerge in delectable combinations such as chickpea rice and chickpea puffs etc.

Plant-based full-plate meals


The wholesome ready to eat plant-based meals will be taking centre-stage.

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