COVID-19 Antibodies in Pregnant Women Can Be Transmitted To Their Babies


As we know antibodies are formed inside the body when people contract an infection. COVID-19 is a dangerous viral infection which can cause severe harm to our health. When someone is infected with coronavirus, their body begin developing antibodies against this virus to recover. The antibodies stay in the body for several months and prevent more infection. As per the reports, pregnant women who were infected with COVID-19 virus, developed antibodies might get transferred to the babies in the womb. These also help in protecting the baby against the lethal virus.

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Research on COVID-19 Antibodies

The American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology published the research that tells about how pregnant women might pass the formed the antibodies to their fetuse. It helps in developing natural immunity in child after birth. Also, pregnant women who had vaccinated with covid vaccine might immune their unborn children.

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A team from Weill Cornell Medicine did this research. Senior authors and assistant professors of pathology & laboratory medicine at the institute noted that as the antibodies in pregnant women made against the Covid-19 were shown to be transmitted to their babies, we believe that there is a good chance that they could pass the antibodies the body made after being vaccinated.

The research expert took the blood samples of 80 women who gave birth in the peak coronavirus outbreak in New York City. All women have antibodies in their body revealing that they were infected with covid-19 during the pregnancy but most of them did not know about it as they didn’t show any of the symptoms.

Also, the density of antibodies was found higher in the symptomatic women than the asymptomatic women. Moreover, antibodies response pattern in the women was similar to the other patients. This is a new discovery as woman’s immune systems change during pregnancy. Their babies were born with detectable antibody. This is a clear sign that all the antibodies were transferred to them via mother as the antibodies were also detected on umbilical cord blood. As infants are not exposed to virus leading to building any immune response, only possibility is that they got it from their respective mothers. Babies born to the symptomatic mothers have a higher amount of antibodies than the babies born to the asymptomatic mothers.

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