Vegetable Oil Vs Ghee- Which Is Good For Your Heart


A person often gets asked about oils like which oil to be used for tossing, frying, which one to be used in salads and which one to be used for dips. In the following article, based upon evidence-based information always keep these points in mind before using oil.

Avoid using the following oils


Soy oil, Sunflower oil, Cottonseed oil, Canola oil, Safflower oil are considered bad oils and they should not be used in frying and heating. These vegetable oils disrupt the body metabolism. It impairs cellular function since some of these are also trans fats. Vegetable oils are polyunsaturated fats and are heat sensitive. When heated, fragile fats turn into toxic compounds also called trans fats.

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Always use these Oils or fats


Any oil which can withstand heat for long should be used for cooking. Extra virgin or cold pressed mustard oil, sesame oil, ghee, butter and groundnut oil, are the oils which should be used in cooking.

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What happens to using bad oil?


Oxidants present in our tissues restructure the healthy molecules in tissues. It is just like they convert functional arteries to unfunctional ones. They interact with the metabolic function and block the arteries. Frying foods in vegetable oils deposits many oxidants into the tissues which further carry antioxidants and few vitamins.

Checking the oil/fat quality

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Ghee got a bad name in modern science because of the adulteration. When you use ghee make sure they are cold pressed- which means they are not processed under heat and are stored in stainless-steel jars and glass bottles.

Look for kachi ghani or extra virgin


Cold pressed oils are expelled without using heat. This method always stores the antioxidants within the source of seeds and it does not make it volatile. On the other hand intense heat and other methods of oil processing makes it unhealthy to consume.

Use cookware and traditional recipes


Traditional fats are replaced with processed oils which are being manufactured in bulk and many traditional cooking methods are replaced with modern cooking methods using different oils and cookware like non-stick pans etc. The meal which was prepared using traditional methods was dense in nutrients and more bioavailable which can now be harmful for our body. The current use of manufactured oils with modern cooking gadgets has destroyed nutrients. Example: Turks always used charcoal and prepared chicken by mixing it with ghee on bio-fuel which we now have replaced with hormone mixed chicken prepared in vegetable oil and put in an electric griller.

Always Prepare Healthy desserts in good fats


Apple slices, frozen grapes, Grilled pineapples, and dark chocolate> 70% cocoa are few of the most nutritious desserts. Milk chocolate has more sugar and added vegetable oil so eating a pure dark chocolate is always a healthier option. Traditional mewa laddoo made from foxnuts, almonds, flaxseeds and jaggery, peanut chikki mixed with jaggery are the healthier dessert options.

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