4 Types of Bobby Pins and Their Uses


Bobby pins: the supernatural creatures who vanish out in the parallel universe when we are not watching them. Well, the first line was just the stupid imagination of my mind. Bobby pins are the inevitable part of a woman’s life. I won’t be overstating it if I say that no single girl can envisage her ‘Good Hair Day’ without a bobby pin. When the bobby pin trick came into being, it turned the whole fashion industry upside down. But still, many of us still don’t know how to use it in a correct manner. The extent to which we use these bobby pins are just the least it can do. If used in a right manner, it will hold your hairstyle for as long as you need. If you think you’ve had your fair stake of this piece of metal, have a look at these different types of bobby pins and their uses.

1. Hair Pins – This is the most used type of bobby pins in a shape of giant wavy U. This hair pin is appropriate for up-dos like buns and twists. You can rock a messy hair bun with these bobby pins. Keep a couple of these pins in your handbag, who knows when you might be having your bad hair day. And the plus point is, you can use these pins to keep your hair at a place for a loose hairstyle.

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2. Jumbo Pins – This one, as the name suggests, is the largest pin in the group. If you’re having an ultra-long mane, then these pins are your saviour. These pins are successful at holding thick and unruly hair at place. You can make use of these pins to hold your bun in place. The un-wavy design provides a tighter grip to hold the hair which is thick and unmanageable. These pins are capable of holding the unruliest kind of hair in place for a longer time than any of the other pins in the group.

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3. Regular Pins – These are the commonest type of bobby pin that we all love to use. It can be used on any type of hair, from sleek to thick. It can be used to keep your hair in place and also for decoration. You can use these pins to keep the fringes and bangs your face. It also holds up the strays from the bun in place. Keep few of these pins in your bag if you have this habit of changing your hairstyle every now or then. Sometimes our hair itself decide to change the hairstyle. Isn’t it? You can never fall short of reasons to have these tiny metal pieces in your handbag.

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4. Mini Pins – These pins are ardently suggested for those with scarce or thin hair. People who have short hair can use these pins as the larger pins will make themselves prominent above the mane. Larger pins are for holding up the hairstyles while the smaller ones are for keeping the fringes on your face. Some mini pins also come along with rubber padding on the inner side to ensure that it doesn’t fall out of your thin mane.

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So, Ladies, we all know how incomplete our life is without these tiny little creatures. So why not have the full knowledge about the uses of the same? Now you know the exact use of each type of pin but still don’t know how to safeguard your bobby pins from their supernatural disappearance. Am I right? Well, don’t worry. How about using a piece of magnet to keep your bobby pins at the place? You can thank me later!

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