5 Brilliant Beauty Hacks of Green Tea For a Complete Makeover


Green tea is so involved in our lives in one way or the other especially it has very much craze who are into exercise or leading their weight loss journey. But it benefits in enhancing your look as well, I guess you’re not that much aware of.

Well, looking beautiful and sexy is what every girl craves. But, to achieve this, many girls use different beauty products that are available in the market which later turns their good skin into a bad one.

They don’t realize that they are making their skin go through harsh treatments that only damage their sensitive skin. Well, you guys don’t need to worry because these beauty hacks of green tea are here for your rescue.

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We all have heard the various benefits of green tea but do you guys know that this green looking tea has so many beauty benefits that will make you look beautiful and fab. In this article, you will read about a few beauty hacks of green tea that you can use in your daily routine without causing any damage to your skin.

Here are the few beauty hacks of green tea that will help to unlock the beautiful you:

1.Relax your beautiful eyes

Relax your beautiful eyesimage source: .glamour

This beauty hack of green tea works like magic for your tired eyes according to various makeup artists and experts. For this hack, you just need to soak the green tea bag till it gets wet. Then, keep it in the refrigerator and let it cool. Later, place the cool green tea bags on your eyes for 5 to 10 minutes. It works best for tired and puffed eyes as green tea consists of an anti-inflammatory that cures and calms your eyes.

2.Soothe your hair with the goodness of green tea

Soothe your hair with goodness of green teaimage source: media4news

When you have your first cup of tea for the day something feels fantastic and high on energy. The same you can do for your hair by applying the green tea extracts to soothe them and long-lasting lush look.

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3.Acne treatment

Acne treatmentimage source: teenvogue

This beauty hack of green tea is a must for every girl. If you frequently face breakout or pimple buns then just apply soaked green tea on your affected area using cotton and wash off after 5 minutes. Green tea quickly heals acne quickly and prevent its occurrence.

4.Boost your face mask

Boost your face maskimage source: bellewithin

To get the goodness and benefits of anti-oxidants use this beauty hack of green tea to exfoliate your skin. All you need to do is to add some flakes of green tea to your favourite face mask or you can do it alternatively, by mixing it with honey. Make sure the tea flakes are wet when you mix them. By applying this mask, you will get smooth and supple skin.

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5.Health benefits

Health benefitsimage source: aacdn

We all are aware of the numerous benefits of green tea. Studies have shown that green tea helps in treating various diseases and also helps in weight loss. But do you know that green tea consists of anti-oxidant named polyphenols which prevent early signs of aging? So, just go and grab your cup of green tea now.

These were the few beauty hacks of green tea that you can use in your daily routine to unlock the beauty within you.

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