5 Useful Yoga Poses for Pregnant Women


There isn’t a single thing in the world whose cure isn’t there with Yoga. In the time of pregnancy when a woman is battling with mood swings, fatigue and sickness, yoga can be her saviour. Certain yoga poses and techniques can be beneficial during the pre-natal phase of a woman. Regular yoga can ensure an easier labour and a normal delivery. Former Miss Universe, Lara Dutta who was recently blessed with a baby launched a prenatal yoga DVD ‘Heal with Lara’. She just took an initiative to make women realise the importance of yoga and physical fitness during pregnancy. So some of the beneficial Yoga poses which you can practice if you’re expecting, are as follows.

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1. Vakrasna

  •  Sit straight with your legs stretch in front.
  •  Inhale while you lift your arms to your shoulder level. Keep your palm facing down towards the floor.
  •  Exhale while you twist your body above your waist, towards your right. Move your head and hands simultaneously to the same side. Swing your right arm back as    much as you can. Don’t bend your knees while doing it.
  •  Inhale while you come back to your initial position. Bring your hands back to your shoulder level and parallel to each other.
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2. Utkatasana

  •  Stand straight with your feet shoulders apart, while keeping them parallel to each other.
  •  Inhale and raise your heels and reach your arms to your shoulder levels. Keep your palms facing towards the floor.
  •  While exhaling sit down in the squat position on your toes.
  •  Keep your arms stretched. Inhale and get up slowly to stand on your toes.
  •  Exhale and keep your hands down at the same time.
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3. Konasana

  •  Stand with your feet 25 inches apart. You can also stand against wall for support.
  •  Raise your right hand while keeping your elbow straight. Stretch it upwards. Inhale and bend your waist towards left. Exhale and come to the original position. Repeat with the other side.
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4. Bhadrasana

  •  Sit with your legs fully stretched.
  •  Form a ‘Namaste’ with your feet. Sit with your back straight. Place your palms on your knees or thighs. Hold this position for some time.
  •  Go back to your original position.
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5. Parvatasana

  •  Sit on the mat with your back straight in sukhasna.
  •  While you inhale, raise your arms and join your palms to form a ‘Namaste’ pose. Don’t bend your elbows. Your hands should be near your ears.
  •  Hold this position for few seconds.
  •  Come back to normal position. Repeat 3-4 times.
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