7 Interesting Things Your Hair Says About Your Personality


Hair are something we’re born with but not all but some are really blessed with gorgeous locks. Though there was a time when we were shaven off our beautiful locks and made to roam bald. But that quiet long ago, isn’t it?

Being a woman, our hair says a lot about our personality. You might not be a believer in such superstitions, but such stereotypes do exist in our world. People make a notion about you seeing your outer appearances, regardless of how true they might be. But this doesn’t mean that you start customizing yourself to please others. All these prejudices people make about you on the basis of your hair are just for fun. So let’s have a look at what our tresses speak about us in silence.

1. Time-taking hairstyles say you’re high maintenance
Sometimes you might just throw your hair into a tight messy ponytail which usually takes 5 to 10 seconds. This says that you don’t spend much time doing your hairstyle. But intricate hairstyles which require much precision says that you’re a high maintenance woman. You take extra time to straighten, spray or curl your hair, this makes you look high maintenance to the people who see you.

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2. Your hairstyle reveals your features
One of the few positive things your hairdo for you is that they highlight your features. Your hairstyle or your haircut, if properly done, shows off your well-shaped cheekbones or the remarkable neckline you have. Some hairstyles are meant to highlight certain features of your face, so if you have something special, let your hair show it off.

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3. They speak a lot about your overall health
When you have hair which breaks off too often or is extremely dry, this tells that you are not having a healthy body. It indicates towards an unhealthy body. When your health is not on the track, no matter how pretty your hair initially was, they reveal everything about your health. But when you take care of your health, they surely take care of your body as well. Everyone can see your lovely locks and guess how healthy you are from inside out.

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4. They tell how sexual you are
There are certain hairstyles which tell how sexual you are. No matter how true this might be. But the hairstyle imparts certain impression on the minds of people who see them. Long and lustrous hair are perceived as sensual by most of the men. While the shorter hair is linked more to the style and trend. Extremely curly hair are considered to be wildly erotic while jet black hair implies girls who are experimental in bed.

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5. It reveals your sense of fashion
Your hairstyle tells what type of girl you are. Whether a girly girl or the rough-tough one. Well, maintained hair cut with long-running locks reveals that you’re a girly girl who likes to highlight her feminine traits. On the other hand, short and chicly cut hair tell that you’re a rough and outgoing girl who doesn’t like to spend much of her time on her hair.

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6. It tells a lot about your personality
If you’re a fun-loving girl and like to the new things with her life, it can be seen through your hair. If you have pink or blonde coloured hair with different looking hairstyle, it says you like to do new things in your life and you’re not afraid of changes. If you keep your hair simple and sober, it says you don’t like to experiment in new things in your life. You’re a little shy to give into new things and tend to stick to the same old things in life.

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7. It says how spontaneous you are
If you have the guts to colour your hair purple or have that ultra-chic pixie cut, you’re perhaps more spontaneous than those who think a million times before getting a haircut. The spontaneity of behaviour can be represented in many ways, your hairstyle being the one.

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No matter what your hair say about you, but the way you treat people always say more about you! So be nice and have fun reading this piece of writing.

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