4 Incredible Ways to Take Care of Hair During Periods


We girls simply just can- not bypass the reality of Period or Menstrual flow that comes to us after every few weeks. In reality, it’s not just our physical system that gets imbalanced but our whole mental functioning as well gets out of its way.

There are many problems that we have to face during our periods like cramps, backaches, labor pains, fatigue, and adding to all this is the problem with our hair too. Yes, it is true!

The Menstrual cycle affects our hair too in many ways and some of the major ones are discussed under:

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1. It gets Oilier: The scalp and consequently the hair get oilier during the Periods. This mainly occurs due to the imbalance in the hormones, so it is suggested to wash hair in a good manner during your menstrual flow, so that the oily hair does not affect your look.

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2. Sensitive Scalp: Well, how so ever important is looking trendy or funky for you in the upcoming party is we would suggest you to wait for a few days for getting any kind of makeover to your hair. We understand, how much you like to get that coloured hair or that blonde streak over your hair, but the researchers have confirmed that the scalp is very sensitive during the periods so it is advised not to blow dry or get any of the hair colours during that week.

Ways in which you can take care of Hair in Periods:

1. Head Massage: Already your Vagina walls and other hormones are fighting with each other and making you feel the best uncomfortable you could be, so it is very important to relax during this time. The best way to do so it to get a warm oil massage with any hair oil that suits you. This would also do great for your hair as the blood circulation will enhance and your hair would grow faster.

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2. Good Shampoo and Conditioner: The hair gets oily during the time as discussed above, so it is very important to get rid of this extra oil from the scalp. The shampoos are a great deal for it as they would not only remove the excess grease but the dust too from the scalp. After the use of shampoos, it is good to use a conditioner too for smooth and healthy hair. So, this is one easy and smart way in which you can take care of your hair.

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3. Balanced Diet: This is extremely important when you are on your periods, as you are already going through so much fatigue and pains that not just your hair but the whole body goes messy. So it is very important to have a diet that consists of milk, vegetables, fruits, fish and dry fruits.

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4. Relax: “Relax! Everything is going to be Okay”! You just need to stay away from any kind of stress during your periods as this would enhance the hair fall rate. Go for Yoga, listen to soothing music, sleep, go to a salon or do what so ever makes you calm in order to avoid stress.

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