8 Extremely Incredible Health Benefits of Bitter Melon


If we are conscious of our health and diet as well, there are a lot of food items that help us lead a healthier lifestyle. Although there are a lot of but among so many such foods, bitter melon is the one which not only helps in the weight loss process but also improves your overall health.

Bitter melon or bitter gourd has a bitter taste which makes it difficult for many people to swallow it. But, you can get rid of its bitterness easily by using a simple tip that we share in this article later. Right now, let’s discuss the health benefits of bitter melon.

1. Maintains blood sugar levels

 Maintains blood sugar levelsImage Source: wellthy

It contains vicine and polypeptides that can help in the treatment of diabetes. The polypeptides help in regulating the blood sugar levels while the vicine helps in lowering the glucose level in the blood because of its hypoglycemic effect.

2. Boosts your immunity

Boosts your immunityImage Source: femina
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Bitter melon contains a high amount of vitamin C and antiviral properties that can help in boosting your immunity by stimulating the immune cells and assisting them to combat the infections. The anti-inflammatory properties present in it also help in improving the conditions of the intestines and stomach.

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3. Keeps a check on your calorie intake

Keeps a check on your calorie intakeImage Source: thehealthsite

It is very low in calories and eating a bowl of it can make you feel satisfied for a longer period of time and helps in reducing the consumption of too many calories. It also triggers your liver to secrete the juices for better absorption of the food.

4. Makes your skin flawless

Makes your skin flawlessImage Source: netdna-ssl

It contains a high amount of minerals, vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants that can help in making your skin flawless. It also helps in removing the toxins from your skin and keeps it hydrated.

5. Treats kidney stones

Treats kidney stonesImage Source: aktivni

Bitter melons are known as the best remedy to treat kidney stones as it helps in lowering the level of acids that lead to kidney stones. It also helps in breaking down the stones which also helps in reducing the pain. Besides this, it also helps in reducing the size of the pancreatic tumor.

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6. Lowers cholesterol levels

Lowers cholesterol levelsImage Source: familydoctor
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Bitter melon can effectively reduce the cholesterol levels, thereby, reducing the chances of heart attack and other heart problems.

7. Improves eye-sight

Improves eye-sightImage Source: gundrymd

The rich content of beta-carotene and vitamin A present in bitter melon can help in improving your eyesight.

8. Helps in proper digestion

Helps in proper digestionImage Source: livagroves

Including bitter melons in your diet can help you maintain a healthy digestive system. It is known as a great source of fiber that can help in preventing constipation, and also, helps in eliminating the toxins from the body which protects your stomach from infections.

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So, these were the few health benefits of bitter melon. Now that you know its benefits, try to include it in your diet and stay healthy.

And in the last, a tip to reduce the bitterness of bitter melon.

It’s obvious that it is quite difficult to consume bitter melon, but you can try out this simple tip to reduce its bitterness. All you need is to soak the chopped bitter melon in a chilled salt water for 1-2 hours before cooking. And this simple tip will reduce the bitterness to a larger extent.

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