8 Common Things to Relieve Stress and Make Your Day Peaceful


Stress is the root cause of most of the illnesses of man. Most dreadful diseases that kill human beings often stem from stress. Whether it is high blood pressure, neurological disorders, kidney failures, heart failures, liver degeneration, and hepatitis, etc.

A stressful person can never fulfill his/her duties towards the family or workplace efficiently. So, we shouldn’t take it lightly as its repercussions might be unimaginable.

It is not easy to get rid of stress unless you do have a strong will for it. The easiest way to relieve stress is to stay as positive as you can. Whenever trouble confronts your life, say ‘all is well, all is well’ to your heart, you will get relief by testing this famous Bollywood mantra.

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Here are the 8 easiest ways of relieving stress at your home. Scroll down the page to change your world forever.

1. Spend time with pets

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If you are a countryside fellow then it is obvious you will be rearing cattle at home. Spending time with cattle is a most pleasant time you can do to relieve stress at home. Country people have varieties of cattle, including goats, sheep, cow, horses. Spending time with them will give you a real feel of nature.

And if you belong to a city, you can spend some of your best time with your puppy or kitten. Studies that have been conducted from time to time on people who spent time with pets at home showed that the stress-busting oxytocin and serotonin levels had increased in them multiple times, hence, their BP and anxiety level had also come down tremendously. Their immunity level had also gone better after they started rearing pets.

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2. Keep household things in order at your home

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If you are living in a rented room or in a small one or two BHK flat, there are chances that you will be surrounded by too many things because space is too less for a living. This messy state of things around you can leave you stressed.

3. Do not just sit down idle

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After leaving office, do not just sit down at one place, ordering food and other essentialities online. Try to remain busy. You have a lot of things to do at home. You can cook food, sweep the floor, put on your favourite movie or music on TV. Not only will you burn your calories, you will have a lot of entertainment. This will relieve your undue stress.

4. Hydrate yourself by taking juice

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Nutritionists advise people to drink juices daily, particularly when the mercury is up in the summer and it is too hot outside. Most of the fruit juices like lemon, mango and orange, etc. etc. contain Vitamin C which is a stress-busting hormone. The juice also boosts the immune system of your body to fight against health disorders.

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5. Turn into a bathroom singer

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Most of us love listening music. Why should not you someday try to become singer yourself? Sing loudly to beat stress, health experts say. If you feel shy to sing before family members or friends. Then close the door of your bathroom and sing loudly as much as you can because here you have no reason to feel shy.

You can also go to some isolated place like a hill or mountain and cry loud as much as you can. This will also help in relieving your stress.

6. Go for a jog with your friend, partner or even mother and sister

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Have you ever had a walk with your life partner, mother, and sister, try someday you will feel the difference in your life. Because walking is considered one of the most useful stress-busting exercise. It not only releases your stress but can also make your mood by releasing endorphins. 30 minutes’ walk in a day is helpful.

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7. Have a steamy session with your partner

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If you are married or living with a girlfriend or boyfriend, then you have the stress buster formula lying in your bed on your mattress. Yes, I am talking about your partner. Sex in a controlled manner has a tendency to lower your blood pressure by relieving your stress level. A successful sex session can boost your self-confidence and emotional bond with your partner.

8. Take deep breaths to relieve stress

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Taking deep breaths frequently brings you in a much-relaxed state by decreasing cortisol hormone level in the body. Breathing will increase the oxygen level in your body which ultimately busts your stress.

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