22 Little-Known Health Benefits of Rock Salt You Should Keep in Mind


Salt is almost negligible quantity-wise in our diet but it makes a huge difference. And its usage must be in proportion and needs your proper attention. Rock salt is one of the purest forms of salts, which is free from all sorts of impurities and chemicals. Not a lot of people are aware of the fact that salt is not just a seasoning, but it also contains almost all the trace elements required by the body which includes iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, copper and much more.

You can either add it to your food or there are supplements, powders, pills and extracts present in the market which you can take, but make sure to consult your doctor before doing that.

But before deciding onto that let us read about some of the health benefits of rock salt which you didn’t even know about.

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1. Rock salt is very effective in treating bad digestion. It also works as a laxative and helps in improving digestive disorders. It is also effective in improving your appetite, soothes heartburn and relieves gas.

2. It aids in the better absorption of minerals in the cells. Consuming rock salt on a regular basis help replenish the lost electrolytes from the body as well as help in maintaining the pH balance. It stimulates the blood circulation and removes refined salt deposits and toxic minerals from the body.

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3. It creates a balance by stabilizing the blood pressure level.

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4. Rock salt has been used in the Indian household for treating several ailments involving herpes and rheumatic pain along with insect bites.

5. It helps in losing weight by managing the content of minerals, which constrain the occurrence of cravings along with eliminating the fat cells.

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6. When consumed along with lemon juice it can help in getting rid of stomach worms and can control vomiting.

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7. Brine made out of rock salt and spring water can provide relief from chronic arthritis, kidney and bladder stones and rheumatism.

8. Instead of buying expensive bath sea salts from the market you can make your own that too without spending a lot of money. In your bath water add 1 tbsp. of rock salt and use this water to take a bath. Using rock salt for bathing can reduce water retention, calms sore muscles, detoxify your body, helps you to sleep better and lower the blood pressure.

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9. If you are frequently suffering from muscle cramps then rock salt can provide you great relief. All you have to do is combine a tsp. of rock salt in a glass of water and sip it on to get relief from the problem.

10. People suffering from sinus and respiratory problems may benefit from the consumption of rock salt on a regular basis. Gargling with rock salt water relieves throat swelling, throat pain, tonsils and dry cough. For people who are suffering from bronchitis, asthma or other respiratory problems may also benefit from taking a rock salt water steam.

11. As the rock salt efficiently provides you with a lot of essential minerals and helps greatly in enhancing the immune system. It also improves the circulatory, respiratory, and nervous system to a great extent.

12. Rock salt can also be doubled up as a teeth whitener as well as a mouth freshener. You can also gargle with rock salt water to treat a sore throat.

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13. Rock salt also effectively maintains a healthy flow of digestive and salivary juices. Switching your table salt with rock salt is a great way to consume rock salt.

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14. To increase the effectiveness of the salt you can store it in a copper vessel until it turns red.

15. Rock salt also helps in strengthening the bones and connective tissues.

16. Rock salt can also be used for several beauty purposes as well such as getting rid of the dead skin cell from the body and face. Rock salt works as a great exfoliating agent and removes the layer of dead skin from the skin.

17. The minerals from the salt can nourish the body and mimics the results of top brand body salts.

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18. Along with cleansing the face it rejuvenates the skin and also strengthens the skin tissues, making them look firmer and younger. It also prevents acne because the salt gets rid of all the dead skin cells, dirt and oil which causes the acne.

19. You can also use it as a foot soak or foot scrub to rejuvenate your tired feet. All you need to do is add 2 tbsp. of rock salt to half a bucket of warm water and soak your feet in this. You can also add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to this foot soak for added benefits.

20. You can also swap your cleanser with the rock salt as it also possesses the qualities of a cleanser. The salt granules get rid of the dirt and oil trapped in your skin and letting it breathe. To make the cleanser you need to combine your cleanser with the rock salt and then use it to wash your face as you normally would.

21. If your nails have turned yellow or have discoloration then rock salt can help you regain the lost colour and shine of your nails.

22. If you are suffering from scalp problems such as itchy scalp or dandruff then rock salt can help you get rid of it. Due to the exfoliating nature, rock salt helps you get rid of the accumulated dead skin in your scalp along with the product build-up. Just mix 1 cup of sea salt in your shampoo and use this shampoo to wash your hair. With regular use, you will notice that your dandruff will start diminishing and your scalp will look healthier.

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