Acne Scar Removal Creams: Effective or Not?


Sometimes we feel like, we get punished for our past mistakes forever-seeking forgiveness, repenting and trying desperately to start new. No, I am not trying to teach you my life learned morals here, don’t get me that way! I am just trying to convey my feelings for skin related sins such as Acne Scars!

Acne Scars are the most stubborn blemishes to get rid of. Apart from the fact that they give skin a disappointing look, they can also act as scar to the ‘Emotions’. From bumpy to “Poc marked” and bruised purple marks on skin, past breakouts can be visible on skin in any form. Those who are interested in knowing the solution have one thing in common; either they are current or past sufferers of acne. After the acne has subsided, victims just want to have their previous complexion back.

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People generally look for speedy scar treatments to reduce scar appearance. Some methods include laser scar removal, excision, skin grafting method and surgical treatments. These scar removal methods might prove to be effective in few cases, however most of the times they are painful, very expensive and leave additional scarring on the skin. Today, with advanced science and scientific breakthroughs acne scar removal creams have come to the foot front.

Scar Removal creams are available over-the-counter with ingredients that can speed up skin regenerating process and helps in healing post-inflammatory marks faster. So why not prefer acne scar removal creams over other treatments that may also become hazardous for you.

images (3)How a scar is formed?

The normal scar forming process begins when some kind of trauma happens to the skin that injures the dermis causing bleeding. Our skin is actually made up of three layers and the dermis is the deepest of all. When the dermis is injured by a deep wound, a scar naturally occurs to bind the edges of wound. These deep incisions through dermis form a scar.

Well, before you spend a decent chunk of money on an acne scar removal cream, you should know whether it is effective or not???            

What ingredients to look for in an Acne Scar removal Cream?

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Believe it or not, but giving a try to Scar removal cream is must for you, either you see the reviews available on internet or try creams with the below given ingredients. Here are some pointers to help you with.

Look for Vitamin A– Vitamin A helps in stimulating skin’s natural ability to heal itself. The effect is not immediate but once the result occurs, it can be life longer. Vitamin A actually encourages cell renewal process where old skin together with upper layers of scars will be sloughed off making scars less noticeable.  Vitamin A comes in different forms; however retinol is the purest of all. Other forms might include tretinoin, retinyl acetate and beta carotene.

Whitening ingredients– In addition to Vitamin A, you should also look for whitening ingredients. To make those scars less visible; your cream should also have skin lightening ingredients because scars are more visible due to dark pigmentation surrounding it. As you suppress the production of melanin and dissolves the ones that already formed, the appearance of scars will be minimized. Some of the whitening ingredients include camellia sinesis extract, vitamin C, sunscreens and glutathione.

AHA and BHA– To make the skin renewal process faster, the skin has to get rid of dead skin cells and that can only be achieved with skin exfoliation. When it comes to exfoliation ingredients, you may have to look for AHA (i.e. alpha hydroxyl acid) and BHA (i.e. Beta hydroxyl acid) or salicylic acid. These ingredients are meant for scrapping off dead skin cells that otherwise block skin pores. These ingredients are also used over the counter widely.

Hydrating Ingredients: To make sure that scar removal cream works, it is important you buy some skin hydrating product. Avoid buying oil based products instead, buy water-based moisturizers.


Know what conditions can worsen acne scars?

Popping or squeezing– Popping or squeezing pimples not at all seems to be good idea to get rid of acne. When you squeeze one, oil is released that gets pushed up to surrounding areas, creating new acne and scars.

Harsh Skin products– Many products have been launched in the market today that claims to reduce acne scars. Let me tell you, most of these products have artificial preservatives like paraben. Though preservatives are useful as they help in stopping the formation of bacteria, there are few that can prove to be irritating on skin especially to sensitive skin. They react badly with acne wounds and when you scratch, permanent scars are created.

Hydroquinone– This compound is commonly used to lighten the scars. However, when used in excess amount, this may lead to a condition called Ochronosis, a blusih black discoloration of skin. Excess use of this compound can worsen the wound causing permanent scars.

Excessive exposure to sunlight– Excessive amount of sunlight cause acne scars to darken more while hindering the healing process. Thus, before, you go out in sunlight, slather on some non-comedogenic sunscreen and re-apply it after every two hours.

Acnes are the painful daily reminder of terrible skin conditions. Isn’t it? So, why not seek for a good quality and suitable acne scar removal cream with the help of above discussion!!!   

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