7 Simple Ways to Add Eggs in Your Diet


Eggs can easily fulfil the protein requirement of the body and it adds many other nutrients to plate. In fact, eggs can be consumed in breakfast, lunch and dinner, because they are easily affordable and versatile. They are considered as the best source of getting Vitamin D. So, it is very important to eat the whole egg to increase the nutrient levels in your body.

Ways to include eggs in your diet

Eggs are rich sources of Omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids and protein, Vitamin D and Vitamin B, which makes it an important food to increase bone health and stamina.  Boiled eggs and Omelette are two healthy methods for a nutritious meal. Below mentioned is a detailed version of ways of how to include eggs in diet:

1. Omelette


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Egg can be cooked in many ways, especially by adding vegetables like tomato, spring onions, capsicum into it. Capsicum and Onion are mostly used for basic omelettes. Other vegetables like peas and carrot can also be added as per the taste.

2. Scrambled eggs


You can always eat scrambled eggs for breakfast. Scrambled eggs are prepared by whipping and stirring with slight heating in butter and salt. This way of preparing eggs can also be consumed by kids as it is very delicious and healthy. You can eat scrambled eggs with a piece of bread and have a filling and full breakfast at home.

3. Egg curry


Eggs can be introduced in your dinner in the form of a tomato egg curry. You can always add tomato as the dominant ingredient for bringing a good flavour in your curry. Egg curry is also prepared by adding boiled eggs in an onion and tomato based curry along with some curry leaves and various other spices and herbs.

4. Egg whites salad


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If you love to workout in the gym, then egg whites salad is the perfect dish. Boiled eggs are good for gym routine as eggs are protein rich so you should try and eat only the white part of the egg. Boiled egg whites can be eaten with chutney and veggies in the form of a salad.

5. Egg soup


Another way of including eggs in your diet is making a hot bowl of egg soup. An egg soup is more beneficial if you are feeling under the winter season. Both regular egg soup and clear soup provide several health benefits.

6. Egg sandwich


Egg sandwich is the most common and easy snack one can prepare with eggs. An egg sandwich can make an extremely healthy evening snack if a person is hungry. You can also prepare a delicious Israeli dish called shakshuka, using eggs.

7. Pancakes


Pancakes are not only just consumed as a sweet but are also considered as a healthy breakfast too. This food is prepared without eggs for vegetarian people but eggs definitely add more softness and fluffiness to your pancake.

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