5 Natural Ways To Get Thick Hair


There are thousands of products on the market but none of them are effective. They only give us temporary satisfaction and not permanent solution. Therefore, if you wish to have long-term results, try home remedies.

Follow below tips to increase the thickness of the hair in a natural way.

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1. Wash hair carefully


Avoid washing your hair daily as there is a misconception that washing the hair daily keeps dirt free. Washing your hair daily could cause dryness which leads to the hair fall.

2. Use Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is the natural hair remedy. In ancient era, Aloe Vera was considered the prime option to keep them healthy and fizz free. This also provides complete nourishment to the hair and locks moisture.

3. Trim hair at regular intervalsTrim-hair-at-regular-intervals

Trimming of hair regularly is essential to maintain hair density and volume. When the hair grows, they have split ends and damaged portions, which in turn hinders the growth of the hair. Removing the split ends boosts the hair growth and also facilitates the hair volume.

4. Apply eggs on hair


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Eggs are very rich in proteins as well as minerals which are needed for proper hair growth. The hair has dead cells which contain keratin protein that makes about 75 percent voume of hair, thus egg protein assist in nourishment of the hair.

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5. Use fenugreek seedsUse-fenugreek-seeds

Fenugreek seeds are very rich in Vitamin C that is useful in replenishing dryness from the hair and give more volume to your hair. The seeds contain proteins which prevents hair loss.

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