Avoid Eating These Inflammatory Foods To Lose Weight Faster


Are you doing everything from exercise to healthy diet and proper routine and still not getting any closer to losing weight? Well, maybe you are doing something wrong!

There might be various reasons to this, but one of the major reason why you are unsuccessful in losing your weight even after such hard work, is the consumption of that inflammatory food that you have been chewing upon.

Inflammation causes various other problems and diseases in your body, which is unhealthy for you and it leaves a negative effect on your body.

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If you really wish to lose weight then you need to avoid eating these 11 inflammatory foods instantly.

1. Sugar

The top most food that causes inflammation in your body is sugar. It weakens your immune system and also suppresses the germ killing ability if the white blood cells in our body.

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2. Vegetable Oil

The high content of omega 3 and inflammatory fats in the vegetable oils wreak havoc for your health, so you must avoid using it in your food as much as possible.

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3. Fried Foods

Fried foods that are cooked in vegetable oil contains AGEs (Advanced Glycation End products), which are responsible for causing inflammation in your body.

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4. Refined Flour

Your blood sugar levels spike when you consume refined flour, because it is ripped off of its digestive nutrients and fibres. Therefore, in causes inflammation in your body when you consume it.

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5. Dairy Products

Full-fat dairy products disrupt the functioning of the gut microbiome, which are responsible for proper working of your stomach, and it causes inflammation instead.

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6. Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are known to increase the glucose intolerance in our body, and it leads to inflammation when our body could not metabolize then properly.

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7. Artificial Additives

Certain oils are used to make artificial edible coloring, which disrupts the hormonal functioning in our system. And in defense of this, our body activates the inflammatory torrent.

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8. Saturated Fats

Saturated fats promote the growth of fat cells in your body and they ultimately lead to systematic inflammation with the deposition of the adipose tissues.

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9. Conventional Grain-Fed Meat

Mostly pigs, cattle and chicken fall under this category of meat, which are loaded with saturated fats and antibiotics, causing inflammation after consumption by us humans. Our body constantly keeps fighting with the indigestion leftover of hormones and the antibiotics.

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10. Processed Meat

Processed meat contains a high amount of AGEs (Advanced Glycation End products), that cause inflammation once they are cooked or smoked in high temperatures.

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11. Gluten From Store-Bought Bread

This is the first thing that you must avoid id you are targeting on losing weight. The store-bought bread consists of a starch, amylopectin, that causes inflammation in your body.

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If you start avoiding or less consumption of these food items, then you will see a rapid change in your health and positive weight loss.

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