Avoid Using These Oils On Your Hair, Experts Explains the Cons


For having strong and healthy hair, we all use different hair products in our day to day life. One thing is common in all hair products and that is good hair oil. Many good hair oils can be used for your hair care routine but some hair oils can harm your hair too and usage of such oils should be avoided. Here are some of the oils that are better to be avoided in certain situations.

1. Olive Oil


Olive oil is likely to be good for your hair routine. However, people having thin and straight hair might find it difficult to consider this oil for their hair as it can make their hair greasy and weighty. Oleuropein which is the main component of olive oil can have an impact on the hair growth cycle. It is also comedogenic which means it can cause blackheads or acne by clogging the skin pores and hence one must avoid using olive oil for hair if they observed blackheads or acne.

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2. Castor Oil


Castor oil has been used by many peoples for hair growth but many peoples also have an allergy to castor oil and that can lead to some side effects. Usage of castor oil on hair can lead to acute hair felting which is a rare condition of scalp hair. In this condition, your hair becomes twisted, entangled, and forms a hard stony mass like a bird’s nest.

3. Mineral Oil


Mineral oil is the odorless, colorless, light mixtures of higher alkanes and most often get disguised as petroleum and paraffin wax. The ingredients present in mineral oil are bad for your hair as they cause needless buildup on the hair strands and that initiate hair fall. Therefore you should not purchase hair oil that contains mineral oil. Sometimes mineral oil can also lead to several allergic reactions like redness, itching, rashes, swelling or scalp irritation, or a rash.

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4. Camphor Oil


Many people believe that camphor oil can prevent hair loss and promote hair growth but it can also have some side effects. Using camphor oil can dry out your hair scalp which can lead to rashes, acne & fungal infections. Camphor oil is very harsh for your scalp and hence it causes more harm than good.

5. Lemon Oil


Many of us have knowingly or unknowingly have used lemon juice with oil or applied it directly on the scalp without knowing its side effects on our hair health. Lemon oil which is extracted from the skin of the lemon is a combination of numerous chemicals. If not used properly then it could be harmful. Don’t use lemon oil on your hair strands as its acidic nature can shrink the hair shaft. This oil is not at all good for the people who are already suffering from hair loss problems as it can make their hair look even thinner, dry, lifeless, & brittle.

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