The Beauty Diet That You Should Follow To Elevate Your Look


Compliments delight everyone, be it for the radiant skin or lovely locks. It makes people gush all day. You can have fake skin by layering concealers and foundations, but these have no match with natural beauty. Even serums, potions and lotions fail to get you that the beauty diet can. Below are some of the ultimate beautifying foods that can you shiny hair, smooth fair skin and beautiful white smile.

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Flawless Skin


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Every woman desire for perfectly smooth and beautiful skin, and try to keep away the signs of aging. To keep the skin youthful for years, consume foods rich in vitamin C. The natural collagen boosting food retains the skin’s elasticity as well as suppleness, and helps achieve youthful skin for long. Citrus fruits like lemon, orange, and sweet lime are very good sources of vitamin C.

Gorgeous Hair


Are you impressed by Rapunzel’s long hair? Long lustrous hair requires protein for its healthy growth and you could find lot of protein in beans, lean meats like chicken, lentils and milk. To include extra shine to the hair, increase intake of the beta carotene. Foods like spinach, pumpkin, and carrots are packed with important health ingredients.

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Sparkling Eyes


Increase the spark in the eyes with beta carotene. It is an amazing way to keep the beautiful eyes gleaming all the day. The B-complex vitamin is very important to maintain your healthy retina. Carrots, yellow and red peppers are wonderful sources of vitamin.

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Beautiful Nails


Brittle nails can make you shy away from showing the hottest nail art. The green leafy vegetables, dry figs, and sesame seeds have high calcium to make the nails very strong. Add minerals like silicon to prevent appearance of dull and brittle nail. Also, foods rich in silicon are peanuts, apples, and almonds.

Strong Teeth


To keep your beautiful whites sparkling, you should brush twice in a day and to keep them healthy and strong, you should follow proper diet as it plays a vital role. Add plenty of dairy products like milk, cheese as well as yogurt.  These calcium-containing foods help keep the teeth strong and also prevent tooth decay.

Ensure that all the nutrients are properly absorbed by drinking lot of water. Do not skip healthy fats like those from lean meat, fish, nuts, and butter. Think again before piling the drawer with harmful cosmetics and try to enhance the beauty from inside with healthy foods.

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