Beetroot Juice For Hair Growth


Beetroot is one of the most popular vegetables that you can enjoy in raw and cooked form. It is very rich in essential nutrients and has a good flavor that mixes well with any kind of preparation.

Beetroot is definitely an excellent healthy and nutritious food that can be used in every food preparation. Read this article to know the amazing ways it helps maintain the health of the skin and hair.

How beetroot promotes hair growth?

Beetroots are considered a superfood. Its attractive red color not only makes it a perfect addition to any dish but also provides you some surprising health benefits. It is high in Vitamin A, antioxidants, Calcium, Vitamin C, Iron, and Potassium. With all its minerals and nutrients waiting to make your life healthy, make sure that you knew about the beetroot benefits for hair.

You can use beetroot juice for hair growth due to the large amounts of carotenoids present in it. This helps in better blood circulation in scalp and nourishes properly the hair follicles from inside. Beetroots for hair have been known to reduce hair loss as well. Thus article also discusses how to use beetroot juice for great hair color. Let us first look at how to get started on your journey towards amazing hair.
Below discussed are ways how of beetroot juice.

Beetroot juice benefits for hair

1. Prevents premature balding and hair loss


Deficiency of minerals is a big reason for hair loss. Beetroot has high content of potassium, iron, and electrolytes which help repair hair which is lifeless. It also helps to reduce hair fall up to great extent by giving hair a nutrient boost.

How to use:

• Take the beetroot juice and mix it with grated ginger juice and two tablespoons of olive oil.
• Mix it well to make a paste and apply it thoroughly on your scalp and to the tips of the hair.
• Keep for around 15 to 20 minutes so you can find out what you should do with red juice seeping slowly down your back.
Hair loss is a common problem during the monsoon. With the help of beetroot therapy, the above 5 simple steps can also prevent hair fall.

2. Relief from an itchy scalp


Beetroot juice is one of the proven remedies for getting relief from itchy scalp. It not only cleanses the scalp but also removes the white flakes from the hair. Beetroot is also very rich in vitamin C, which an effective nutrient for the healthy skin.

How to use:

  • Cut beetroot into two halves and then directly rub on your scalp.
  • The juice will go deep into the scalp and remove the dead skin cells, moisturizing it from the bottom. Then leave it in for around 15 minutes for the itch-free scalp.
  • Repeat the above step once in a week and see your hair’s natural shine.

3. Prevents dandruff

Dandruff is mainly caused by fungal infection and dry scalp. Beetroot juice can be of great help as its enzymatic properties minimize flaking and eliminate the bacteria causing dandruff. It also helps keep the scalp moisturized and ensures if your hair is shiny and soft.

How to use:

• Take juice or pulp of 2 beetroots and a half cup of neem water.
• Mix the above ingredients together and leave it for some time.
• Rinse it off properly with an anti-dandruff shampoo and repeat this process once a week to see the amazing results. It cannot be simpler than this.

4. Adds color to your hair

The juice of beetroot has been widely used as a natural red color. The vegetable has betacyanin, which contributes to their deep red color. Betalains are a type of yellow and red indole-derived pigment, which are commonly found in Caryophyllales which were first extracted from beet only. They are categorized into betaxanthins which can vary from yellow to orange, and betacyanins which provide red to violet color.

In beetroots, the compounds replace the pigments known as anthocyanins and create a different shade of purple or red. So, when you use beet juice the hair, its color changes to reddish-purple one. But the color given by beetroots to your hair is not so intense and you will have to combine it with other colors.

How to use:

• Extract the beet juice in a mixing bowl.
• Pour three tablespoons of melted coconut oil into it.
• Combine all the ingredients with a fork.
• Wear plastic gloves and apply the above mixture over your hair.
• Make it sure that no hair strands are left so that color is distributed properly.
• Cover your head completely with a plastic wrap.
• Rinse and wash the hair with slightly warm water and condition it.

Beetroot juice can be an excellent natural way to get strong and shiny hair. It is easily available and can be added to other ingredients of your choice. You would also love its taste. In addition to providing thick and shiny hair, the vegetable also provides smooth and glowing skin.

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