12 Best Vegetables for Hair Growth: Don’t Forget to Try it Once!

Best Vegetables for Hair Growth

Vegetables are our great friends when we try to lose some weight, right? What do you think of dieting and all? These veggies are great for our hair. Vegetables and fruits for hair growth have vitamins, minerals, and fibers which are well known to help hair growth and also maintaining hair texture and smoothness. Read on to know about the best vegetables for hair growth.

This article will list some points to maintain your hair healthy and happy. Here are some important facts to know before you start with below tips.

Here is a list of the best vegetables for hair growth

Dos and don’ts for boosting hair growth with vegetables

  1. Clean hair absorbs nutrients better than dirty hair. It might look like a difficult task to wash the hair, apply a pack and then wash it, but it’s totally worth. There is a good reason why salons give a hair wash before starting treatment.
  2. Use warm water to open up the pores. So always use warm water using cold water post application.
  3. Avoid applying hot water on the hair as it will drain hair of the natural oils and lessen elasticity.
  4. A few vegetables give a weird smell to hair, so use favorite conditioner to hide the smell.
  5. Mask must penetrate into the hair properly. So leave the mask for around 30 minutes.
  6. Also, do not leave any mask for a long time. When the mask dries, it may absorb water from the hair and affect the results.

Vegetables for hair growth

Let us see look at some of the most beneficial vegetables which can be included to your list of best foods for hair growth.

1.  Green chili


Green chili is a rich source of Vitamin E and keratin and is excellent for boosting hair growth. It helps repair the damaged cells of scalp and in turn promotes new hair follicles.

2.  French beans


French beans are rich in Vitamins E and A. Vitamin E can be very beneficial for improving the volume and luster of hair. It even protects the hair from premature graying.

3.  Curry leaves


Often less discussed, curry leaves are one of the best sources to check hair loss. Curry leaves has keratin that is considered a perfect tonic for hair growth and provides you lustrous hair.

4.  Beetroots


This red colored vegetable helps increase lycopene levels in your body, which has the ability to the rate of hair growth. This wonderful vegetable contains lycopene which helps stimulate hair growth. Besides beetroots, most of the reddish vegetables are essential for hair growth, as these may contain similar nutrient. Beetroot juice is a hair growth enabler.

5. Garlic


Known for its pungent smell, garlic is a perfect tonic for your hair. It is desired to add this vegetable to your regular diet, as it has very few calories. Also, garlic contains is high in sulfur content, which is required for hair re-growth.

6. Tomatoes


Tomato is a rich source of antioxidants which are very effective cell-repairing agents. They may help remove toxins and impurities from the surface of scalp. You can either directly consume tomatoes or apply tomato pulp on the scalp for quick and better results. Tomatoes also help provide the shine and luster of hair.

7. Sweet potato

sweet patato

Sweet potatoes are very source of beta carotene. Our body converts beta-carotene into Vitamin A. This compound is required for cell repair inside the body. Sweet potatoes fulfill the deficiency of Vitamin A to a great extent. A sweet potato has enough beta-carotene to provide you more than four times your daily requirement of vitamin A.

Research has revealed that vitamin A helps in the production of sebum that helps keep hair very healthy. Vitamin A can also speed up hair growth rate and encourage growth of thicker hair, preventing hair follicles from regressing.

You can also use Celery Juice for hair growth. It will absolutely make your hair bouncy and beautiful.

8. Onion


Onions are also an important nutrient for our hair. It is a vital source of zinc, biotin, and iron which are required for hair growth. Besides promoting hair growth, onion is a great vegetable which helps in delaying the premature graying of the hair.

9. Carrot


Carrots are considered the second-best vegetable for hair growth. This vegetable is packed with Vitamin B7 and Biotin which is considered a healthy tonic for hair. Biotin is very essential for hair re-growth. Moreover, it helps in strengthening the hair root which prevents hair fall.

Boil a few carrots and blend them. Do not throw the water you used for boiling the carrots. Use it to grind and blend the paste. Apply the prepared paste to the hair and let it stay there for 30 around minutes. Then wash it away. This mask would help treat hair fall and also enhance hair growth.

10. Spinach


Amongst the vegetables that are thought to be nutritious for the hair, spinach occupies the top list. Rich in edible fiber, this vegetable is a rich source of zinc and iron in addition to other important minerals and vitamins. These two minerals are very necessary for hair, as the absence of iron and zinc causes hair loss in most of the people. It is one of the best vegetables for hair growth.

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11.  Cucumber


Cucumber has the ability to achieve healthy hair. Make paste of some fresh cucumbers and then apply the paste to the scalp and massage properly. You might also want to add fenugreek powder because blend may be runny.

12. Orange veggies

Veggies have beta compounds which help achieve healthy long, shiny hair. They reduce hair fall and hair breakage. Get the dose of beta carotene from orange and yellow colored vegetable – bell peppers is a wonderful source.

So, take a pledge today that you will include vegetables in your diet routine to have a healthy and happy hair. Hope you liked this article on the best vegetables for hair growth. Please share your feedback with us in the comments section below.