7 Surprising Benefits of Apple for Skin You Should Know About


We all know the popular saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But how much true is that? There are a lot of benefits that one can get out of this amazing fruit. Apples are very rich in Vitamin B, A, vitamin C, and minerals. There are many benefits of apple for skin. They are great to include in your diet to boost immunity, manage irritable bowel syndrome, detoxify the liver, prevent hemorrhoids, achieve weight loss, enhance endurance of the body, have whiter teeth, help digestion, assist with detoxification of body, and promote blood circulation.

But apple has amazing benefits for the skin that you never knew. By eating them and applying them on the skin, you will get excellent benefits of apple for skin. So, are you ready to take a big bite and enjoy its deliciousness?

Like other fruits, there is enough evidence to show that apple benefits skin health and look, without putting up too many calories in your diet. This article highlights some amazing skin benefits of apple.

Amazing Benefits of Apple for Skin

  1. Improves your complexion

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Eating apples helps not only with glowing up the skin but also lightening its texture and color, as they provide protection from tanning. The collagen in the apples is vital for keeping your skin youthful. The nutrients of this fruit benefit your skin by eliminating pathogens and excess oils. It soothes the skin and leads to rosy cheeks.

Also, using apple juice also works for lightening the oily skin. The juice can firm up your skin and maintain its natural pH balance. So, apply apple juice every day to your face. If you cannot put your hands on fresh juice, take a juicy slice and then rub it all over your face and eat the remaining part of the fruit.

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  1. Hydrates the skin


One of the best benefits of apple for skin is that it hydrates your skin. Everyone knows that the secret of supple and soft skin is keeping it hydrated. You know drinking water is very essential, but it alone might not work.

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The water content in apple is very high; therefore even eating apples can help with hydration. Apple not only hydrates but also cleanses the skin.

Cover your face properly with apple slices and leave them until the slices are dry, for about 15-20 minutes. Vitamin E in apples will keep the skin hydrated and soft. You may also indulge in face masks and common facials on a regular basis. Let the fruit show its wonders on the skin.

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  1. Protects from sun rays


Apples are packed with nutrients that provide extra protection from the harmful ultraviolet radiation of the sun. You can also consume apples to cure sunburn and also prevent the skin from peeling off. Also, vitamins and other nutrients would help repair the damaged skin.

Grate a piece of apple to create apple pulp. Then add a spoon of glycerin and blend it. Then, apply this mixture on your skin and face, leave it for 15 minutes and then rinse it with cold water. This helps protect skin from the rays of the sun.

Alternatively, one can mix honey with apple juice and then apply it on the skin before stepping out in the sun. It is also advised to reapply the juice for rejuvenation when you are back. The powerful homemade remedy has a cooling effect on the skin and also prevents itchy spots.

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  1. Acts as a natural toner


The nutrients in apples no doubt benefit the skin by acting as a natural toner. It helps tighten the skin and improves blood circulation by getting it to the surface, making the skin better.

It balances the pH of the skin, and therefore reduces the over secretion of oils from skin. To get the maximum benefits of apples as a skin toner, pulp a raw apple and apply it on your skin as a toner.

If you don’t have time to pulp apple, you can use an apple cider vinegar of good quality on your face which also acts as a toner. Vinegar unclogs the skin’s pores and thus getting rid of excess oils and pathogens, which cause acne and pimples. You can also dip a cotton ball in the apple pulp and gently apply on the face such that it covers all the skin.

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  1. Keeps the skin supple


Apples may be a boon for people who have dry skin. They have hydrating and nourishing properties which provide your skin with the required amount of fluids to make it suppler.

Cut one apple into small slices and rub a slice on the face until it dries up. If you need more than a slice, use it. Eat the rest of the fruit. Leave the apple juice on skin until it dries up. The fluid of the slices seeps into the pores and balances the pH level and so reduces the oiliness of skin.

  1. Works as a moisturizer


Apples have excellent moisturizing properties and have active ingredients of several beauty products available in the market. High water content in apples maintains the required amount of moisture in the upper surface of the skin.

The fruit also protects the skin from many infections and dryness. You can create your own moisturizer at home to experience the goodness of these amazing ingredients!

Peel an apple and make a puree. Then add one spoon of honey and pour cream to it. Use this paste on your skin daily to keep the skin soft and smoother.

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  1. Treats acne and dark spots


Apples are also beneficial for skin to cure acne, dark spots, and blemishes. Acne is a common skin issue which leads to dullness, and harms the skin if not treated on time. People having sensitive skin are more prone to acne, and chemical-containing creams that can affect the skin even further. Apples come to the rescue.

Crush a slice of apple and then mix it with milk cream. If you do not have cream, take a spoon of milk. Use it on your face to get result in acne. It also treats blemishes and dark spots. For best results, refrigerate the slice before mashing.

Use the paste regularly to remove dark spots from your dull skin and reduce the pimples. To treat itchy acne spots, you need to refrigerate a slice of an apple and use it on the itchy spots to get instant relief.

Hope you liked this article on the amazing benefits of apple for skin. Do share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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