9 Reasons To Include Gelatin In Your Diet


Gelatin is a common kitchen ingredient which we use for preparing desserts. It is a tasteless and clear protein obtained from animal proteins derived from collagen. But, do you know that this ingredient can help maintain your health? Yes, it is very true. This article unfolds some amazing health benefits of gelatin which you should know.

1. Improves bone health


Various studies have shown that gelatin can help in the treatment of the bone and joint issues like osteoarthritis, a common type of arthritis which can lead to stiffness as well as pain. Taking gelatin supplements can reduce joint stiffness and severe pain.

2. Leads to weight loss

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Gelatin is very low in calories and possess zero fat. According to some studies, gelatin could help reduce the appetite and can also provide you the feeling of fullness for longer period of time. Hence, making you lose some weight.

3. Boosts mood


Gelatin is packed with the amino acid, glycine that acts as anti-anxiety medicine and antidepressants which helps boost your mood and provides calmness as well as mental clarity. So, it lowers depression and stress levels.

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4. Improves skin health


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Regular intake of gelatin could improve your overall health of the skin by cellular rejuvenation. This also helps in renewing the skin cells and also protects it from the harmful free radicals.

5. Improves brain function


Gelatin has a high amount of the glycine, which is associated with the brain functions. Several studies have revealed that daily consumption of gelatin could improve your memory and mental health like schizophrenia.

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6. Improves digestion


It is thought that gelatin is beneficial for preventing the damage to intestines. It also improves the wall of digestive tract. In addition to this, gelatin improves the body’s ability to release an adequate quantity of gastric acid to boost proper digestion.

7. Rich in proteins


Gelatin contains 98-99 percent of proteins, although it is not the complete protein. It also has a small amount of several mineral and vitamins such as calcium, phosphorous, folate, and sodium.

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8. Improves sleep quality


It is considered that people who have sleeping issues and cannot get good sleep in night could have gelatin just before going to bed. According to research, gelatin also prevents daytime sleepiness and improves the sleep quality and other cognitive functions.

9. Prevents diabetes


Gelatin has the ability to manage diabetes and it helps the control blood sugar as well as insulin levels. Hence, it reduces the risks of being affected by diabetes.

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