4 Benefits of Gilory Juice for Weight Loss


Are you putting effort to lose some weight? Giloy juice is effective in achieving the weight loss goal. This amazing herb is packed with many other health benefits. Read this article to explore how the herb helps in weight loss and promotes health.

How to use giloy juice for weight loss


To achieve weight loss you should consume small quantity of the giloy juice on the empty stomach. Consume about less than 1/2 liter of the giloy juice and then mix this with the fresh water and the aloe vera juice. Drink the juice in morning on an empty stomach. But, avoid overconsuming the juice.

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Other health benefits of giloy juice

1. Treats fever


Giloy juice is a great old home remedy mostly used for curing fever. It could even cure chronic fever. The juice is also used in dengue fever since it enhances the count of platelets. Also, not only dengue it might also help in curing malaria. Boil few giloy stems in water and drink it to treat fever.

2. Helps in digestion


Drinking of giloy juice could help you improve your gut health. It is an effective home remedy that can be used to improve digestion. You need to mix the giloy juice with some alma juice to enhance the power of this amazing remedy.

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3. Helps in diabetes management


Giloy must be used as an effective home remedy to control the blood sugar levels. If an individual is a diabetic, they could use a few drops of the giloy juice to treat your diabetes. But you should consult the doctor before adding it to your diet.

4. Reduces stress


The wonderful juice could be consumed to improve overall mental health as well. It could be added with some other important herbs to enhance mental health, memory, and concentration power.


If you want to use giloy juice to have weight loss you shouldn’t add it to your diet suddenly in more quantity. You should even consult your doctor regarding the correct amount of juice you must be consuming. If you have any issues just after drinking giloy juice, you should stop the use and ask your doctor.

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