8 Amazing Benefits of Gulkand


Gulkand is a preserve of rose petals and is well-known for its unique flavor and fragrance. The amazing health benefits of gulkand make it an important ingredient for many Ayurvedic treatments and medicines. Most of you might have tasted gulkand in the traditional paan or mouth freshener. If we use gulkand in your daily life, you can reap the health benefits.

It is also thought to be from Indo-Persia, believed to have originated in 900 B.C. The original etymology is said to be same in both Urdu and Persian. Gul means ‘flower’ in both the languages and Kand means ‘sweet’ in Arabic.

Health benefits of gulkand

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1. Provides essential nutrients


Rose petals have 80-95 percent water content. The amounts given below are based on the gulkand prepared using around 100 grams of sugar and around 200 grams of rose petals. The rose petals are considered as a good source of vitamin C. The petals are also the best source of vitamin E, Vitamin B, and vitamin K. The petals are very rich in calcium, carotene, copper, and magnesium. The rose petals have high amounts of antioxidants such as phenols and flavonoids.

2. Acts as a natural coolant


Gulkand has amazing cooling properties which help in treating various conditions which are caused mainly due to excess heat in body. Heat-linked problems such as lethargy, tiredness, itching, pains, and aches can be effectively treated by gulkand. It is also helpful in reducing the burning sensations in palm and soles.

Gulkand can even be used in the summers to keep your body cool. When sun is burning high outside in the summers, it is important to keep your body cool in order to avert dehydration as well as related ailments.

The regular consumption of gulkand prevents the sunburn and sun poisoning which generally occurs in summer season. It decreases the impact of excessive heat on body.

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Nosebleed in the summer season is a common problem in children. Gulkand is a proven natural remedy which helps to get rid of nosebleed. You can give one spoon of gulkand to children on a regular basis to treat and prevent nosebleed.

3. Rejuvenates body


Gulkand is a very rich source of several antioxidants and helps detoxify the body. Eating gulkand can help maintain glowing and healthy skin. It also rejuvenates your skin and protects it from dust, pollution, and regular tear and wear. Due to excess heat produced in body acne and pimples might arise, and gulkand helps remove the excess heat, pimples and blemishes.

4. Cures constipation


Gulkand has the ability to soften the stool and the sugar content also helps drawing any liquids in the intestines. This ultimately facilitates getting rid of constipation during pregnancy. Consuming Gulkand and fiber-rich foods like vegetables and fruits in the regular diet treats constipation completely. It is also safe for the pregnant women and children kids. Having about half a spoon of gulkand in a glass of hot milk before going to bed is very beneficial in overcoming constipation.

Gulkand helps in treating heartburn and acidity. In Ayurveda, experts suggest taking half a teaspoon of the gulkand in between the meals to cure severe acidity problem in patients.

It is also effective in curing mild first-degree bleeding piles and hemorrhoids. But in case of severe problems, immediate medical intervention is required for better treatment.

5. Treats mouth ulcers


Due to excess heat produced in the body, most of the people suffer from the symptoms of mouth ulcers very frequently. Gulkand has been found very effective in treating the ulcers. It removes excessive heat from body and also gives a soothing effect in burning sensations and pain in case of mouth ulcer.

6. Relieves from menstrual problems


It has been found that gulkand relieves from severe menstrual bleeding, menstrual issues, as well as white discharge in women. This amazing ingredient relaxes muscles of the reproductive organs in most women and also helps in reducing menstrual pain during periods.

7. Provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties


Phytochemical’s in rose petals show strong antioxidant property which has various medicinal uses. Kaempferol and Quercetin are proven potent antioxidant in rose petals. It also helps in the elimination of harmful free radicals and prevents the body cells from the damage. Rose petals and rose extract offer super anti-inflammatory benefits. It reduces inflammation of skin, cures edema, and also helps relieve arthritis.

8. Offers antimicrobial properties of rose


Rose petals have a wide range of antimicrobial features. The rose petal extract and essential oil and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Several in vitro studies have also confirmed the antibacterial properties of rose essential oils on a number of bacteria. Rose has a traditional ingredient which is used in the effective treatment of gastrointestinal problems and infections. Citronellol, nerol, and geraniol in the rose essential oils are considered to offer antibacterial properties. The rose oil or petal extract is also used in antiseptic lotions to protect you from infections.

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