Brighten Up This Monsoon With Great Makeup Ideas!!


So are you ready to walk on the wild side? Eeee….NO, I didn’t mean flirting around with your colleagues. I am talking about the hot and sizzling ways in which you can totally amp your look to make heads turn and get your jaw dropped compliments. Yes, 2012’s Monsoon is all about colors, colors and some more colors. Try these on and you are sure to make some heads turn. Read on and explore……

Smell Delicious!! Remix Your Perfumes!

Do you have a lot of fragrances in your stock? No-No, don’t think of throwing it away…just mix a bit of citrus (lemon or orange juice) and boom…you have created a totally new scent for yourself! Citrus provides long lasting effects on the skin. Spray it behind your ears and dip it in the collarbone.

How About a Body Smoothie?

Ever heard of a body smoothie? Yes, you can entice your guy with a tropical smelling body lotion. (My personal favorite is Cocoa-butter). It not only provides added moisture to the skin but gives a smooth texture. Add you can make yourself one too…take a bit of coconut milk and a scoop of body cream and mix it until you get that fluffy consistency. These body smoothies are indeed a sexy treat! Try yours.

Have an “Ahh-mazing” Shower Experience!

Sprinkle some drops of fruit essential oils on the water for getting that sensual aromas all along the day. Spreading some drops on the floor will release an enticing aroma when the heat is turned on!

Mermaid Eyes!

Shimmery green and aqua colors can dazzle any eyes. All you have to do is drag the deep blue on the upper lids and the aqua green on the lower lids.

P.S. – Keep your face and pouts nude or minimize the makeup.

Rocker Locks!

Hair extensions….that can instantly change your complete look giving you that sexy yet chic appearance! Make sure to use these extensions at the correct frame of your face!

Pumped Pony!

Are you one of the rebellion kinds? Well, then it’s the perfect hairdo for you! Just get all your strands in a place, twist it and let some sections space apart.

Try the fun filled colorful ideas this monsoon and get your share of popped up wows and envious stares!

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