6 Brilliant Triphala Benefits for Hair


Triphala when mixed in the correct amount, proves to be wonderful ingredient for your hair growth. It is also used to treat various hair and skin issues.

1. Provides hair volume


Thiripala churna works very effectively on hair texture to increase overall hair volume. The ingredients such as Haritaki possess excellent anti-fungal as well as antibacterial features to fight against all kinds of infection on the scalp which retards hair growth. Moreover, Triphala powder can reduce dull dandruff, one of the biggest obstaclesyou’re your healthy hair growth.

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2. Promotes hair growth


Poor health conditions, unhealthy digestion, and restricted bowel movement might obstruct hair growth. Thiripala churna possess the ability to enhance digestion and provide essential nutrients to hair and the scalp. It also nourishes follicles and further promotes healthy hair growth.

3. Gifts a natural shine to hair


Dust, pollution and UV rays reduce the natural luster of hair. In addition to this, various toxins might make hair dull as well as damaged. Tirphala can remove completely all the toxins and also restores the hair shine naturally. Amla, a super ingredient of Thiripala Churna, effectively helps close all the small hair pores and the cuticles and as a result lock the fatty acids in hair roots.

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4. Delays premature graying

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Hair thinning, premature greying, balding, are some conditions that are common issues experienced today. Moreover, thiripala churna also controls harmful free radicals which often induce hair thinning as well as premature the hair greying and helps keep the hair look quite young and healthy.

5. Restoreshair moisture


Regular usage of shampoo and lack of required nourishment often tend to makes the hair roots weak over time and also results in hair loss. Thiripala even moisturizes hair roots and keeps them healthy as well as well-hydrated, hence reducing overall hair loss.

6. Reduces frizz


Frizzy hair falls rapidly as these lack proper hydration. Also, triphala powder helps restore moistures and protects the hair from external damage maintaining hair smooth and soft.

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