6 Rope Exercises That Make You Build Major Strength


Rope exercise once was a fun activity in recess as a kid and it is now a full-on workout, and we are here for it so besides taking a kid back to elementary school, a jump rope usually offers many useful benefits for health. Rope exercises are not just an efficient cardio workout but they also help in toning muscles too.

Always learn tips on how to avoid injury while jumping rope.

Many people think it is just for lower body and cardio, but you always have to keep your shoulders and arms engaged while swinging the rope around you, says Keegan Draper, fitness specialist and NASM-CPT at Mindbody, a workout platform. “It helps in improving coordination as well.” Jump ropes are easily affordable and it is easy to take along with you on the go.

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Following are the best rope exercises for a full-body workout

1. Basic jump


Start with the basic jump for targeting the core, shoulders and legs. In case you forgot how to jump rope here are the Draper’s instructions: “With the rope in hands, hands away from the body and arms at your side, swing the rope from behind the heels over your head and take it down in front of you and jump over the rope.”

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2. Jump on one foot


Once you get the basic jump down, kick up a notch by jumping on one foot which will further improve the hone in on your calf muscles, your balance, coordination and ankle strength says Brianna Bernard who is a personal trainer and a nutrition coach. Simply jump up and land on the same foot while keeping the other foot off the ground for the entire set performance.

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3. Double under jump


The double-under jump rope exercise is almost similar to the basic jump but it is harder. As per Bernard, it is quite possibly the advanced jump rope exercise for the better results and Jumpers must complete twice the rope rotations for every single jump, which further requires an upper body strength and quick flick of the wrist to align the rope landing with the execution of each jump.

4. Jump rope jacks


Shake things up always and work out the inner thigh and outer hip with the jump rope jacks. As per Draper, while swinging normally, always alternate a narrow leg and jump out to a wider leg with each swing and Do not go too wide until there is a confidence developed.

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5. Half twist while doing rope jump


When doing rope jumps, always twist 90 degrees in the hips with every jump from the left to the center and to the right.

6. Side under swing


The side-under swing style of rope jumping improves coordination and it further strengthens the shoulders and the core. As per Draper, it is a three jump move which is being made perfect while doing daily practice of jumping rope.

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