Castor Oil Uses – 11 Ways you Must Use Castor Oil!


Castor oil uses has been known to us from the very ancient times. I remember my dadi (grandmom) used to tell me and my sister how beneficial castor oil is… hey neither am I so very ancient nor my dadi! But somehow all things about grandies seem old enough to term it as ancient… hope its a widely acceptable thought rather than me babbling! So anyways, she used to apply castor oil for each and every ailment be it pain in the joints or for growth of hair. Castor oil in fact is an excellent nourishing emollient for skin as well.


Now when there is something so effective, beneficial and above all, so reasonably priced at your disposal, its best to know about castor oil uses rather than spending thousands on products that are of no good to anyone but the company! Since My dadi was so very positive about it, I always wanted to dig deeper about castor oil (but only at the behest of my editor… lol!)… here are my finding!

  1. Castor_OilCastor Oil is Excellent for Hair Growth- Anyone who is suffering from loss of hair or hair thinning that expose the scalp should use castor oil. It is an excellent treatment for the hair loss. How to use it  – well you can mix 2 tsp of castor oil along with 3 tsp of coconut oil and give your hair and scalp a wonderful massage.
  2. A great Lubricant- It is a great lubricant, you can use it to give a shining look to the utensils too. You just need to take few drops of it on tissue paper or cotton swab and rub it on the utensils or scissors or the hinges of the door
  3. Relax your Eyes- It soothe our eyes and I know how you stay constantly hooked to the television set, laptop or mobile and make your eyes itch. To avoid the itching, just apply castor oil on your eyes while you are going to sleep and wake up with shiny bright eyes!
  4. Remove Split Ends- Castor Oil is also used to remove split ends from the hair. Your hair maybe long but due to split ends one is always scared to flaunt it or leave it lose. Castor oil is there to rescue your mane problem and provide a natural treatment. Use castor oil to massage it along the length of your hair and splits will go away.
  5. Relief in Pain- Castor oil gives relief in joint pains especially when body aches after all day’s hard work. Just massage it till you want and you will start noticing the pain vanishing way.
  6. Glowing Skin- Castor Oil is a good nourishing agent. It helps skin to rejuvenate so that it stays healthy and glowing. Try it and see the skin glow!
  7. Removes Tags too- Castor oil helps in removing unwanted tags and moles from our body and face. Its an effective home remedy for skin tags and moles.
  8. Natural Eyelash Enhancer – Love those long lashes, don’t you? If you want really long and thick lashes, apply castor oil on your lashes. Massage the lash line softly and just sleep over. Do it religiously and see the effects within 2 weeks!
  9. Beautiful Nails- Messaging castor oil on your cuticles and nails will not only nourish them but also make your nails longer and look beautiful. If cold weather is approaching just be ready to keep your nails intact with castor oil manicure and pedicure.
  10. Acne Treatment- A few drops of castor oil will surely help to kill the acne bacteria and make skin free from it. Castor oil works quickly than any treatment, apply it before going to bed and you will surely start noticing the change.
  11. For Glossy Smooth Lips- If you have chapped and dry lips then castor oil will surely provide relief and sooth your soft skin and make your lips but kissable! It will not only nourish your lips but also will make them smooth and soft.
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Start using castor oil as it gives you noticeable effects and that too in a short period of time. It is healthier and being a natural, its safer as well. You can buy good quality castor oil from here.

Do you know any more uses of castor oil… share with us your experiences!

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