Pimples on Forehead? 12 Tips to Get Rid of Pimples Faster!


Pimples on Forehead… sorry state indeed!! Ever wondered why the hell every huge snappy zit occurs only prior to some crucial occasion. May be because it loves nagging you and spoiling your beautiful moments with its ugly presence!

Can anyone listen to the far cry of concern saying please find out a cure to this bumpy obstruction? Well seems like I heard all the cursing, whining and wailing of the pretty pimple ridden gals. So here are some home remedies sprinkled as a magic dust to cure your zits and make your dinners and parties just as flawlessly beautiful as one could imagine.

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  • The first step in treating a zitty pop is to not touch it. I know how hard it is to not prick it off and pluck out the pop, but that is exactly what acne is all about. This is how it takes revenge by leaving you with a snooty scar for months to come and witness it by and by. So don’t pick or prick your pimple.
  • This picking tears the skin near the pimple inviting more zits to make their scarring presence more prominent. This torn patch irritates the skin and also becomes a breeding ground for germs and bacteria to strangle the blushing glow of your skin.
  • Now it is more important to let the inflamed area sooth and dry out. Use ice cubes to cool down the boil. Use it every now and then at least for 2 minutes. More than this you probably will not be able to bear the chill of ice. This way you will soon get rid of the red itchiness of the inflammation.
  • Use cucumber juice mixed with honey and lemon. This is a great remedy to clean up an acne pop. It also helps you in lightening the redness and eventually will lighten the acne scar as well.
  • You can use aloevera juice on the acne affected zone. It helps heal the pimple naturally, cools the skin and allows regeneration to take place. It penetrated deep inside the upper crust of the skin and begins to heal the damaged skin cells and.
  • You can also use garlic juice. Just crush a garlic clove and apply that juice on the acne. Try not to smear it all over your skin. It has acids which may burn your skin. To be cautious you can apply Vaseline or any greasy cream around the pimple so that it protects the skin and then apply garlic juice on the pimple.

  • Keeping your face clean is your first priority. Washing it twice or thrice is preferred; especially if you are the one with oily skin.
  • Usage of a soft cleanser will add charm to your beauty. Try to avoid the usage of regular soaps for the fact they have large quantities of chemicals in them.
  • Eating a balanced and a healthy diet is a necessity. To make your digestion good add fresh fruits and green vegetables to your dietary regimen which are quite suitable for your body.
  • Greasy and junk food should be put at bay. All sorts of carbonated drinks should be avoided because they are detrimental and harms the charm of your face.
  • Exercising regularly and leading an active lifestyle is a must for the fact that it not only keeps you fit but also revitalizes your skin.
  • Cleansing is important keeping your skin clean and sanitized with a good disinfectant is very crucial while you are having a zit popping out. This way you will be able to not infect other parts of your skin with same nagging and ragging pimples and acne zits.

So the next time you spot a pop don’t panic or petrify. Just be calm and sedate and use the tips mentioned above to make your face appear spotlessly smooth. You can also try good quality over the counter products to treat acne. click here for more options.

Do try these ideas.. these are pretty effective.. in fact, I have tried many of these… and they do work!!! There is no problem trying these cost effective remedies, is there?

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