DIY Face Primers For Various Skin Types


Picking up the right primer actually involves a lot of efforts and brainstorming. You have to pick the right formulation along with the right ingredients. Sometimes you have to look for even the correct tone as well. We understand all your dilemmas and therefore in order to help you we have come up with a recipe of DIY face primer that you can make in your home. This recipe involves the use of all natural products and thus is very gentle on the skin. So here are the steps to make your own natural face primer. It will ensure that your makeup stays on for longer and you don’t have to spend hours in a mall just to decide on which primer is perfect for you. So let’s get started with the recipe.

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As we are very much aware of the fact that there are various skin types and every skin has its own needs. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with a recipe which is suitable for all skin types. For this recipe you 1/3 cup of aloe vera gel and 1 tsp. virgin coconut oil and some mineral powder. Aloe vera is very calming and soothing in nature thus, it will help counteract and redness. The coconut oil is rich in Vitamin-E along with hydrating properties which keep the skin soft and supple. The mineral powder will add some colour and shine to your face.

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Start by warming up the coconut oil on a low heat and let it cool down a bit. Once the coconut oil has come to the room temperature, you need to add the aloe vera gel to it. Use a clean, sterilized spoon to mix the two ingredients together and then slowly start adding the mineral powder to it. Again, give it a final mix and transfer your DIY primer to a sterilized small pot or jar and keep it in a cool place. Apply your homemade makeup primer before putting on any makeup and see your foundation going smooth and silky.

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When you look out in the market, there are different face primers available in the market for different skin types. If you purchase the wrong primer there are chances that your makeup won’t be able to stay on for longer. You have to go for a touch up every now and then. This problem arises with both store bought and homemade primers, thus, it is very important to take extra care while making a DIY product and also while you are purchasing it from a store. Make sure that the ingredients and the formulation are according to your skin type.

Primer for oily skin

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Oily skin has enough oil on the skin’s surface and thus for this skin type you need a skin primer that would control the production of oil and not something that would aggravate the sebaceous glands even more. So for this DIY primer recipe, you need 3 tbsp. mattifying sunscreen lotion along with 3 tbsp. aloe vera gel. You would also need 1 tbsp. of your favourite foundation and ½ tsp. mineral powder. Start by mixing the sunscreen lotion and the aloe vera gel in a clean bowl. Once the two are combined, add the mineral powder and while mixing it add the foundation and give it a final mix. Transfer your DIY face primer for oily skin to a clean jar and keep it in a cool place.

Primer for dry skin

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For women with dry skin, it can get really difficult to find a decent face primer that would stick to the skin and will provide some moisturization as well. So let us begin with the face primer recipe for dry skin. For this recipe, you need to start with ½ cup aloe vera juice as this will not only moisturize the skin but would also help with reducing any redness and inflammation which is very common with dry skin.

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Along with the aloe vera, you also need a sunscreen lotion. In a small bowl, add 1 tbsp. each of aloe vera gel and sunscreen lotion and mix it well. Your DIY primer for dry skin is ready. Transfer the contents to a small sterilized jar and keep it in a cool place.

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