Do You Feel Sleepy All The Time? Ayurveda Has the Reasons!


If your friends call you sleeping beauty, then it is clear that you’re the sleepyhead in your group. Your idea of the best weekend is to sleep, eat and repeat. It is not your fault after all if you feel sleepy all the time. There’s something that’s definitely not right with your body. This might be indicating towards an underlying problem which needs to be treated as soon as possible. Ayurveda says that there can be many causes of your chronic sleepiness. Here are few reasons why you’re feeling sleepy all the time.

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1. Improper Sleeping Schedule
You should make a point to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep at night. Avoid having too much of caffeine throughout the day. Avoid using mobile phones or any mind-stimulating object few hours before sleeping. You will feel fresh in the morning.

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2. Stress
Is there something that’s worrying you lately? Facts say that stress, anxiety and depression take a lot of toll on our sleeping patterns. It can make you lethargic throughout the day and sleepless at night. To get adequate and sound sleep, avoid taking stress as much as it is in your hands. try to be positive about your life. Practice meditation.

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3. Heavy Meal
People think that if they overeat at night they can fall asleep more soundly. But this is a mere misconception. This is not advisable. Refrain from eating heavy meals or oversized portions at night. Have light dinner at night.

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4. Negative Energies of Your Body or Tamas
We’ve got to admit that some people are lethargic by default. They don’t try to look positively towards their life. Such people should practice yoga, meditation or any other thing that can instill positivity in their life.

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5. Other Diseases
There are certain diseases which have fatigue and sleepiness as one of their symptoms. Get your periodic health check-up done to ensure that you’re not suffering from any disease.

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6. Your Body Type
There are three body types, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Those who are having body type Kapha require more sleep than others. So if you fall under this category then chances are that you need more sleep than you’re taking now.

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So here are few tips which can help you get rid of your fatigue and sleepiness.

  1.  Take a short nap during the day. Limit your nap to 30 minutes, not more than that.
  2.  Indigestion can also lead to sleepiness. Eat ginger and pepper to stimulate healthy digestion. Consume ginger tea.
  3.  Do some light exercises regularly to ensure healthy blood circulation.
  4.  Allow some fresh air in your bedroom. Keep your room bright during the day time. Low light can also stimulate melatonin, which makes you feel sleepy.
  5.  Sit with your back straight. Improper sitting posture can also induce lethargy.
  6.  Practice breathing exercise like pranayama in the morning. this will keep your mind and body fresh.
  7.  Drink adequate amount of water and eat food which is rich in nutrition.
  8.  Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.

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