9 Awesome Health Benefits of Baby Corn


Used widely in oriental cooking, baby corn is considered as the healthiest foods which you could add to your salads. A baby corn is a regular corn which is generally picked before it matures. In terms of the nutritional value, baby corns differ very slightly.

1. Rich source of folate


Baby corns are a good source of folate. The folic acid is considered to play an important role in preventing the neural tube birth defects in fetus. All pregnant women might add the baby corn in pregnancy diet for healthy nutrition.

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2. Improves eye vision


Yellow baby corn has high amounts of carotenoid. This carotenoids promote eye health and reduces the risk of cataract.

Baby corn contains carotenoid and tetraterpenoid, elements that may promote health of the eyes. A carotenoid is effective in lowering the overall risk of cataract.

3. Stimulates digestion


Baby corn is very rich in insoluble and soluble fibers. It helps stimulate digestive systems. The good digestive system may help in quick weight loss.

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4. Rich in important nutrients


Baby corn is a great nutrient rich veggie. Apart from containing essential fiber and proteins, the baby corn is rich in important antioxidants. It is also believed that a half a cup serving has four percent of body requirement of iron.

5. Low-carb food


While corn is well known for its high carb as well as starch content, baby corn is very less in starch content. It has 0.8 grams per serving that is 27 grams. It has low fat contents, which makes this one of the best choices for the weight loss.

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6. Good source of fiber


Baby corns that are chosen in the right age have many beneficial fibers, as per the book ‘Healing Foods’, published by DK Publishing. The soluble fibre helps in controlling blood sugar levels, and also promotes health of heart.

7. Low in calories


Baby corn is low in calorie. Around 80 grams of the baby corn has as low as 25 calories. Adding this lovely ingredient to the daily weight reduction diet may help lose some quick as well as easy weight.

8. Boosts cardiovascular health


If there is any issue which is affecting countries, it needs to be cardiovascular condition, due to unhealthy lifestyle, obesity, and hypertension. Apart from this, your prescribed drugs, you must start eating baby corn to keep our heart healthy.

9. Promotes healthy pregnancy


Deficiency of folic acid in the body affects our weight of baby. Sweet corn enhances the health of baby and expecting mothers. It also prevents new born baby from being underweight and also prevents from other defects.

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