How to Get Rid Of Tan From The Forehead? 7 Effective Remedies


Even in the autumn, the sun is damaging if you are not careful. Natural tan removal guide will be very effective in protecting skin from sun. Go out for some long hours in the sun with more confidence.

If you believe that putting sunscreen will not let you have the skin tan, you are wrong. There are a few cases in which you get skin tan even after applying a sunscreen.

1. Papaya and honey mask


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The tan removal tips for the forehead has the magical mix of papaya and honey on top of the list. The enzyme in papaya is excellent for the skin exfoliation, helping the removal of the dead skin cell, and lightening your skin. Honey also helps in moisturizing the skin and making it soft.

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2. Yoghurt and orange mask


Natural face packs to remove tan use the overall goodness of orange as well as yoghurt as a single mask. Also, vitamin C content in oranges helps treat blemishes, ensure skin tightness and possess anti-aging properties. Yoghurt acts as an amazing bleaching agent, a good moisturizer, and excellent skin coolant.

3. Potato juice


Potato juice acts as a bleaching agent and could lighten up skin. Potatoes have cleansing properties and you should not worry as potato juice is best home remedy for the sun tan.

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4. Turmeric and gram flour mask


One of the effective home remedies for the forehead tanning, the mask of turmeric as well as gram flour is the best anti-suntan solution that will get rid of the freckle and dark spots.

5. Aloe vera, masoor dal, and tomato mask


Lemon also works great in treating skin problems and this is with honey. When these are taken together, no one could beat them. Honey as well as lemon has been in wide use for several ages to treat skin tan.

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6. Cucumber extract


Cucumber is used for your detoxification and also is good for the skin issues. Cucumber brings a cooling impact and all the extract treats all sunburn and the skin tan.

7. Green tea


If you want to have a skin tan treatment at your home, green tea will come to your rescue. You must be having it in load for weight loss goal? You know that the green tea is rich in antioxidants and replenishes the skin cells and cures the skin tan.

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