Top 7 Health Benefits Of Eating Cucumber


Cucumber is one of the veggie Indians love to include in meals like salads, curds and sandwiches and some people even make cucumber dish since they love it.

Cucumber is amazing for skin and health; people love to eat cucumber since it has 90 percent water content and essential nutrients embedded in it. People start eating cucumbers as summer arrives, and it is time now you should get aware of its health benefits before you eat cucumber next time.

Now Let’s look upon effective and amazing benefits of this water-licious veggie with its multiple use for beauty and health.

1. Reduces skin tanning

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With it’s known bleaching properties, cucumbers are effectively known for removing sun tan from skin. Even skin burn can also be treated with cucumber’s paste after exposure of skin under skin for longer duration of time.

2. Improves skin complexion after every use


For glowing and radiant skin at home, cucumber is the vegetable which is best suited. Simply cut one cucumber and squeeze its juice in a bowl. Apply this juice on skin and leave it for 10 minutes for the best results. Now Wash skin with cold water for instant glow and shine.

3. Helps in reducing acnes and preventing blemishes


Cucumber is used in reducing blemishes and acne marks, for best results mix lemon juice and cucumber juice and apply on the affected skin area. you will see visible difference in a week time.

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4. Acts as great anti-aging skin ingredient


Cucumber contains beta-carotene and lutein, which helps skin to fight with free-radicals, which causes early aging.

5. Reduces puffiness under eyes


Vitamin C and caffeic acid present in cucumber helps in reducing puffiness under the eyes and skin irritation. For best use put chilled cucumber slices on eyes and see difference after time duration of 15 minutes.

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6. Treats chlorine-damaged hair after swimming


No matter how you protect your own hair while swimming, it automatically gets damaged with pool’s chlorine water of the swimming pool anyhow. So need not to worry anymore about it. Simply use homemade conditioner made using cucumber for preventing your hair from chlorine damage, when you go for a swim next time.

Take 1 teaspoon of olive oil, 1 egg and a cucumber and blend them together. Apply blended mixture on tresses and mane and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Now Rinse off with the plain water to see the best result.

7. Effectively tackles cellulite problem


Let watery cucumbers be your go-to food, to tackle with cellulite problems. Include cucumbers in daily diet and rub cucumber slices on problem area to get away with the issue of cellulite problems.

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