Health Tip: Walking Barefoot Relieves Stress and Improves Sleep


Staying close to our ground has never harmed us in any way. In fact, walking barefoot is one of our primal instincts. Thanks to the civilization, we almost forgot what are natural means of living is. Of course, footwear seems to be much comfortable and fashionable to us. It keeps our feet clean and saves them from any piercing object in the way. But we can’t overlook walking barefoot completely. It has multitude of benefits as well. so it’s time to unwind your clock and go back in the time. Go shoe-less for some time of the day and see the difference.

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What Do We Mean by Shoeless (or Barefoot) Walking?
Barefoot walking is walking on the natural surfaces like mud, sand, grass and soil without footwear. It is also known as earthing according to the spiritual means. If you quick google ‘barefoot walking’ you will see multiple of results of studies and researches carried out on the same. They highlight how we draw electrons from earth and how it improves our health and increases our brain activity. It also surges the level of antioxidants in our body, improves blood circulation, reduce stress and eases inflammation. So giving up on your shoes once in a while to feel the earth can be termed as ‘Barefoot Walking’.

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It has also been revealed that walking barefoot also used lesser energy as there is more ground force reaction and lesser pressure. if you want to strengthen your muscles, ligaments and joints then you can go walking barefoot on grass, soil or sand.

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Benefits of ‘Barefoot Walking’

  1.  It stabilises feet muscles and improves posture. It also strengthens your ankles and prevent back and knee problems.
  2.  It also improves flexibility and mobility of your feet. You are more likely to get ankle ailments if you’re walking barefoot for some time of the day.
  3.  For older people, barefoot walking is an excellent way to improve body balance.
  4.  Walking barefoot increase the muscles strength and also relieves Plantar Fasciitis, which is a very painful foot ailment.
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When Not to Go Barefoot?
If you’re already having a foot problem, then don’t jump immediately to barefoot walking. Your doctor might have prescribed you special shoes which have some corrective roles. Also, don’t want barefoot on uneven surfaces or on treadmill, stones and pebbles. If you’re suffering from weak muscles, ligaments and tendons then don’t show the courage of walking barefoot.

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If you’re walking barefoot in your lawn, then make sure that it mowed and cleaned properly. If the ground is too hot, then go back to your slippers immediately.

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