Homemade Hacks: How to Turn Your Old T-Shirt into a Fab Tote Bag


We try so many things to look cool, be it the dresses you choose, makeup you wear, accessories you carry, and whatnot. And when it comes to your bag, the style has to come along. But wait, we won’t burden your pocket much as you can arrange it at your home.

How? Let me explain.

One day while decluttering my cupboard, I noticed that I have too many old t-shirts which are of no use to me. They were not that good to be worn again but not too rugged to be thrown away just like that. I started looking out for DIY ideas to make something useful out of these old unusable t-shirts. To my surprise, I found out that there are so many uber-cool ways to upcycle your old used goods. And I found this awesome trick to convert my old t-shirt into a handy tote bag. Let’s check it out.

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And if you don’t know how to sew at all, then you’re in the right way.

What You’ll Be Needing:

  1.  Old T-Shirt (Thicker Fabric)
  2.  Scissors
  3.  Marker
  4.  That’s it!
how to make t-shirt tote bag1Image Source: mommypotamus

How To Make This No Sew T-Shirt Tote Bag?

Step 1: Cut the sleeves off completely to make it a sleeveless t-shirt.

You can fold the t-shirt in half for making identical cuts on both sides.

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how to make t-shirt tote bag2Image Source: mommypotamus

Step 2: Cut the Neckline
Make an outline using a bowl with a marker. And cut along the markings. And make sure that you’ve turned the t-shirt inside out before cutting. You won’t like those marker prints on the front of your bag. Try making an oval cut instead of round ones.

how to make t-shirt tote bag3Image Source: mommypotamus

Step 3: Decide how big a bag you want
You must have turned your t-shirt inside out by now? If not, then do it fast. Decide how deep you want your tote to be. Mark the point with the marker. Remember, the fabric is going to stretch so mark it carefully.

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how to make t-shirt tote bag4Image Source: mommypotamus

Step 4: Cut the fringes
Take a pair of scissors and cut the slits from the bottom of the shirt up to the line you’ve marked in step 3. Take both the layers and cut them into slits like shown in the picture.

how to make t-shirt tote bag5Image Source: mommypotamus

Step 5: Tie the fringes
This seems to be a bit complicated but don’t worry it won’t take long. Take the first pair of fringes and tie them into a knot. Similarly, tie the rest of the pairs into knots. Now when you’ll peep inside your bag you’ll see some holes. The next step will help you out with this.

how to make t-shirt tote bag6Image Source: mommypotamus

Step 6: Sealing the holes
Choose three pairs of fringes tied together. Take the middle most pair. Take one fringe and tie it with one of the fringes from the left pair. Take another fringe from the middle pair and tie it with one of the fringes from the right pair. In this way tie the entire fringes.

how to make t-shirt tote bag7Image Source: mommypotamus

Turn the bag inside out and your tote bag is ready!

how to make t-shirt tote bag8Image Source: ytimg

You can use fabric paints to decorate your bag further. This bag can be easily used to carry light goods. You can use it to carry small items from the market.

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