Dr Seema Midha, a well known tarot and numerology expert, believes that carrying the right mobile number or your lucky number with you all the time can be the solution to your dime a dozen problems, exactly the same way as wearing a gem or a stone could help ward off many problems. Wow, sounds interesting. Isn’t?

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Yes, it’s not funny and nor superstitious to know that your mobile number, the number that you are recognized with across the globe, is not only an important number but a number that could be a call to your destiny! Since your mobile number is a figure that you carry with you all the time, it has a very significant role to play in our daily lives. So carrying the wrong number has its ill-effects, and having just-what-needed mobile number could simply lead to happiness.

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In this competitive era, everything and anything that one could pull in towards his or her side is a point that’s worth winning. So, carrying one’s lucky number all the time in pocket is surely a point worth noted. “It is something that you carry with you all the time, something that your friends and relatives see your personal number. So if it’s favourable, it could actually be worth retaining all your life,” says Seema Midha, the world renowned tarot and numerology expert.

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Numbers are full of vibrations and they’re connected to people. “We have seen that all personalities are karmically linked to certain number vibrations. Many years of research and human data has shown that there are set life pattern and themes as per these numbers,” adds Seema Midha who recommends including missing numbers in one’s birth date to the mobile number to achieve amazing positive vibes.

For instance, if you wish to succeed in business then we should add 5, 6, 8 to our mobile number and if you like to be a successful politician you should add 4, 3 and 8 to your mobile number.

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After spending many years of her spiritual journey unearthing the positive and directional power of numbers which could can benefit even the common man, Seema with her numerology has helped lakhs to find solutions to issues of partnership, financial stability, luck, good family life and much more.

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Well, like we said your mobile number is the unexplored route to your destiny. One can bring about many changes in one’s life and achieve what one wants to if one has the right kind of mobile number. The right balance of numbers can bring great success.

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