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It’s a busy life, isn’t it? The whole working crowd today has a hard time at work. A shouting boss, approaching deadlines, never-ending assignments, board meetings and much more!! Is this what you see every day at work? It’s not surprising at all. This is the situation of each and every employee in the world.

At the end of a working day, you are so tired that all you think of doing after going home is to sleep. A hard day at work messes up your routine habits of eating and sleeping. The reason for this mess is none other than STRESS. Stress can be of many types like work stress, academic stress, emotional stress.

Work stress results from hard physical labour or extreme work load at a corporate office. Academic stress results from too much pressure regarding studies at school or college. Emotional stress may result from family problems or relationship problems. The outcome of stress may be frequent headaches, fatigue, body pain and heart attacks.

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Considering the above dangerous outcomes, it has become important to deal with stress, both physical and mental.

Some stress relieving techniques:

  1. Take deep breaths: Deep inhalations and exhalations increase the supply of oxygen to the brain. This reduces the stress levels. This can be useful before an exam or an important meeting.
  2. Think of a something joyful:  When the mind is stressed out, something which makes us laugh or at least smile, reduces stress greatly. This can be useful in case of emotional stress.
  3. Eating citrus fruits: Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C. Lemon water can reduce the stress level.
  4. Distraction:  When the mind is disturbed or stressed due to a particular thing or person or situation, see somewhere else or think of something else. Distracting yourself from the situation can help decreasing the stress level.
  5. Have a positive attitude towards things: When you are in a difficult situation, take it a positive way. Always think of the best outcome.
  6. Review your work: Check your work again. If something is wrong or left out, make the corrections. When you have reviewed your work many times, your mind will be relaxed.

Stress arises because of your emotions. If you continue to worry, it will only increase the stress. However, if you follow above tips, you can be relieved from stress and keep your mind at peace.   

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