Threats to your marriage! Just Avoid Them!


Are you married? Do you have a happy married life? Do you think your marriage will last long enough? These questions may sound a bit awkward. But these are the questions which occupy your mind from the time you get married.

Marriages are made in heaven and the world is like hell. Being married just for namesake is as worthless as living without an identity. You need to work to make your relationship stronger. The more you neglect your relationship, the weaker it goes. A divorce may look alright in a movie, but it is the worst decision in real life, especially when you have had children. Divorce affects the minds of the children the most.

So try to make your relationship stronger by ruling out the factors which may harm your marriage.

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Some of the Factors which may Spoil your Married Life:

  1. Workaholic Nature: A workaholic husband or even wife cannot be the BEST companion. If you consider your work above all other issues, even your marriage, then you may trouble your married life. Never combine office with home.
  2. Egoistic Personality: If you show your ego to your companion, your companion will act the same way. This will only lead to a quarrel. So keep your ego out of your mind when you are concerned about your married life.
  3. Money Problems: Be wise when your money is concerned. The money is not just yours. It also belongs to your companion. So be shopaholic but only to a certain limit.
  4. Misunderstanding with in-Laws: If you’re not able to maintain good relation with your in-laws, it may trouble your marriage. So make sure you blend in well at your husband’s place.
  5. Communication Failure: If you’re not able to talk about your problems with your husband, you can’t even dream of solving your problems. So speak out.
  6. Dishonesty:  If you lie to your husband, you are inviting a problem to your married life. So be honest to him!
  7. Lack of Sexual Relationship: Having sex is a significant part of your married life. How else do you get kids? If you’re not able to satisfy your husband on the bed, he will lose interest in you. This will ultimately affect your married life.

Marriage may be a legal affair but maintaining a marriage is an emotional, sexual as well as a psychological affair. The more you understand each other, the more you will love each other. So talk to your partner regarding anything and everything which is important. Then only your marriage will last longer!

kartik kumar
Kartik Kumar is a regular geeky guy until you talk to him and find out his witty sarcasm and sense of humor engaging enough. He loves prolonging his tasks, but claims does Wondering how to shape his career, as his mom finds blogging not a serious career choice! Obsessed with #Dexter (TV show), he is an amazing guitarist and among his many loves, his first love is rock music. Kartik is responsible for many things at the back-end, so if something feels missing, give him a shout.

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