Why Orthosilicic Acid Is Best for Your Skin?


Skin problems, particularly the face which can sometimes, become stressful regardless of being mild. Hence Orthosilicic Acid is required to ensure the youthful and luscious skin. It can also help in retaining the elasticity of the skin.

Ortho-silicic acid is vital in the cellular metabolism of gramineous plants and the development of connective tissue, hair bone, skin and nails in humans.

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Ortho-silicic acid role on the health of skin

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Silicon used in ortho-silicic acid form is the second most plentiful element on the earth, which is commonly exceeded by oxygen. It is the third most abundant element in the human body. As per the scientific research, it is recommended that silicon is significant for civilizing the elasticity of skin. It is shown that the physiological concentration of ortho-silicic acid stimulates the fibroblasts to produce the collagen type I.

Following are the remuneration of ortho-silicic acid:

It inhibits the process of aging in tissues

It helps in increasing the level of collagen and maintaining the skin tone

It stimulates the metabolism of cell and cell formation, Ortho-silicic is an anti-inflammatory and has the mild disinfecting properties

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It helps in strengthening the connective tissues

Helps in retaining the moisture in the tissue under the skin which helps in preventing the wrinkles

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Human bodies need ortho-silicic acid from the young age; our tissues maintain a high level of ortho-silicic acid and absorb it further enabling the body to remain resilient, flexible, and energetic. With the passing of age, silica levels decline steadily, and exhibit the signs of aging. It is further believed that ortho-silicic supplementation is a key factor in slowing the process, and helps in maintaining a long-lasting, youthful and healthier skin. It is recommended to check with a dermatologist before captivating any supplement.

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